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For the former BMT service, see BMT 2.

The 2 Seventh Avenue Express is a service of the New York City Subway. It is colored red on station signs and the NYC Subway map because it represents service provided on the IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line through Manhattan. Trains of the 2 service run all the time. The usual pattern is express through Manhattan and local elsewhere; at late nights it is local everywhere. Some rush hour trips run to New Lots Avenue. Limited rush hour service operates on the IRT Lexington Avenue Line (two trains heading to Brooklyn during morning rush hours, and four trains heading to the Bronx during evening rush hours) to clear congestion.

The 2 service was one of the last strongholds of the Redbird cars. Introduced in the mid-1950s to early 1960s, they ran on the line until 2001–2002 and were replaced by the Bombardier-built R142s.

The following lines are used by the 2 service:

Line Tracks When
IRT White Plains Road Line (full line)localalways
IRT Lenox Avenue Line south of 135th StreetN/Aalways
IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line from 96th Street to Chambers Streetexpress (local late nights)always
IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line, Brooklyn Branch, via Clark Street TunnelN/Aalways
IRT Eastern Parkway Line north of Franklin Avenuelocalalways
IRT Nostrand Avenue Line (full line)N/Aalways
IRT Eastern Parkway Line south of Franklin Avenuelocalsome rush-hour trips

Service historyEdit


1967-1979 bullet
(in a circle)

The IRT White Plains Road Line had been serviced by 3rd Avenue El trains until July 10, 1905, when the connecting subway from 135th Street to the portal past Third Avenue–149th Street opened. Trains went to South Ferry, which opened the same day, from 180th St–Bronx Park.

On January 9, 1908, the Joralemon Street Tunnel to Brooklyn opened, and trains ran from East 180th Street to Borough Hall.

Five months later, Nevins Street and Atlantic Avenue stations opeed.

On March 3, 1917 and March 31, 1917, the IRT White Plains Road Line opened to 219th Street and Nereid Avenue–238th Street, respectively. They were later connected to the IRT Lexington Avenue Line

On July 1, 1918, the IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line was completed to Wall Street and South Ferry. The 2 train served both.

On April 15, 1919, the Clark Street Tunnel opened, connecting the IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue Line with Brooklyn.

On December 19, 1919, trains began alternating between South Ferry and Atlantic Avenue during rush hours. In 1923, service was extended to Utica Avenue.

On December 1, 1924, trains that ended at South Ferry now ran to New Lots Avenue instead.

On September 5, 1937, evening trains were rerouted to the IRT Nostrand Avenue Line.

In 1957, trains were extended to the IRT Dyre Avenue Line via new connecting tracks at East 180th Street.

On February 6, 1959, trains began running between Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College and Wakefield–241st Street during overnight hours, and between New Lots Avenue and East 180th Street other times.

Over the decades, the 1 and 2 (and later the 3) trains switched terminals between Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College and New Lots Avenue several times, until April 18, 1965 when all 2 trains were sent to New Lots Avenue at all times.

On July 10, 1983, the 2 train was sent back to Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College, its current route.

From March to October 1998, the IRT Lenox Avenue Line was rehabilitated. On weekdays, 2 trains ran via the IRT Lexington Avenue Line between 149th Street–Grand Concourse and Nevins Street uptown from 5:00 to 12:00 and downtown from 12:00 to 0:00.

In 1999, late night express service in Manhattan was discontinued.

After September 11, 2001, the 2 train became local in Manhattan (so they wouldn't back up behind 3 trains terminating at 14th Street). It returned to normal service on September 15, 2002.

Subway Service Information Edit

service Stations Subway Transfers Connections
Stops all times Wakefield–241st Street
Stops all times Nereid Avenue 5 (1a)
Stops all times 233rd Street Metro-North Railroad
Stops all times 225th Street
Stops all times 219th Street
Stops all times Gun Hill Road
Stops all times Burke Avenue
Stops all times Allerton Avenue
Stops all times Pelham Parkway BX12 SBS
Stops all times Bronx Park East
Stops all times East 180th Street 5
Stops all times West Farms Square–East Tremont Avenue
Stops all times 174th Street
Stops all times Freeman Street
Stops all times Simpson Street
Stops all times Intervale Avenue
Stops all times Prospect Avenue
Stops all times Jackson Avenue
Stops all times Third Avenue–149th Street 5 (1234)
Stops all times 149th Street–Grand Concourse Template:NYCS Jerome 5 (1234)
Stops all times 135th Street 3 (1234)
Stops all times 125th Street M60 (to LaGuardia Airport)
Stops all times 116th Street
Stops all times Central Park North (110th Street)
Stops all times 96th Street 1 3 (1234)
Stops late nights only 86th Street
Stops late nights only 79th Street
Stops all times 72nd Street   1 3 (1234)
Stops late nights only 66th Street
Stops late nights only 59th Street–Columbus Circle 1 A D
Stops late nights only 50th Street
Stops all times Times Square–42nd Street 1 3 (1234) 7 <7> (1a2a3c) A C (1234) E N Q R (1234) S (1234) W (123a) Port Authority Bus Terminal
Stops all times 34th Street–Penn Station 1 3(1234) M34 & M34A SBSLIRR, Amtrak, NJ Transit
Stops late nights only 28th Street
Stops late nights only 23rd Street
Stops late nights only 18th Street
Stops all times 14th Street 1 3 (1234) F

L V (123)

Stops late nights only Christopher Street–Sheridan Square
Stops late nights only Houston Street
Stops late nights only Canal Street
Stops late nights only Franklin Street
Stops all times Chambers Street 1 3 (1234)
Stops all times Park Place 3 (1234) A C (1234) E PATH
Stops all times Fulton Street 3 (1234) 4 (1234) 5 (1234) A C (1234) J (1235a) M (1) Z (1a)
Stops all times Wall Street
Stops all times Clark Street–Brooklyn Heights
Stops all times Borough Hall 3 (1234) 4 5 (1) M (1) N (5) R (1234)
Stops all times Hoyt Street–Fulton Mall
Stops all times Nevins Street 3 (1234) 4 5 (1)
Stops all times Atlantic Avenue 3 (1234) 4 5 (1) B (123a) D M (1) N Q R (1234) LIRR
Stops all times Bergen Street
Stops all times Grand Army Plaza
Stops all times Eastern Parkway–Brooklyn Museum
Stops all times Franklin Avenue 3 (1234) 4 5 (1) S
Brooklyn – South of Franklin Avenue to Flatbush Avenue
Stops all times President Street
Stops all times Sterling Street
Stops all times Winthrop Street
Stops all times Church Avenue
Stops all times Beverly Road
Stops all times Newkirk Avenue
Stops all times Flatbush Avenue–Brooklyn College
Brooklyn – South of Franklin Avenue to New Lots Avenue
Stops rush hours only Nostrand Avenue
Stops rush hours only Kingston Avenue
Stops rush hours only Crown Heights–Utica Avenue 3 (1234) 4 5 (1)
Stops rush hours only Sutter Avenue–Rutland Road
Stops rush hours only Saratoga Avenue
Stops rush hours only Rockaway Avenue
Stops rush hours only Junius Street
Stops rush hours only Pennsylvania Avenue
Stops rush hours only Van Siclen Avenue
Stops rush hours only New Lots Avenue B15 (to JFK Airport)
  • Some rush hour trips to New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn.


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