Template:Infobox Station Aquarium Station of the MBTA, is a station on the Blue Line, serving the New England Aquarium and Boston's Financial District. The station has high vaulted ceilings similar to stations of the Paris and Washington Metros. Above ground, the exits are located in the Financial District at Atlantic Avenue and State Street near International Place. There are also connections to MBTA ferries, other ferries and excursion cruises at nearby Long Wharf, including water taxi to Logan International Airport.

The station was rebuilt in 2004 as part of a project to allow six car trains on the Blue Line. The station is wheelchair accessible, though Government Center and Bowdoin are the only remaining un-accessible blue line stations. See MBTA accessibility. Aquarium is the deepest station on the line, probably due to the need to tunnel under Boston Harbor which is just about 100 feet away. However, the station is not as deep as Porter Square station on the Red Line in Cambridge.

Until its demolition during World War II for scrap metal, the Atlantic Avenue Elevated had a stop at this location known as State Street. The two were connected by a fare lobby that featured the oldest escalators on what is now the MBTA system. The escalators lasted until a massive renovation in 2004.

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