Tokyo Subway Asakusa Line (Line 1)


Asakusa Line (Line 1)
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Nishi-Magome 西馬込
White dot Magome 馬込
White dot Nakanobu 中延
White dot Togoshi 戸越
White dot Gotanda 五反田
White dot Takanawadai 高輪台
White dot Sengakuji 泉岳寺
White dot Mita 三田 Mita Line (6/I)
White dot Daimon 大門 Ōedo Line (12/E)
White dot Shimbashi 新橋 Ginza Line (3/G)
White dot Higashi-Ginza 東銀座 Hibiya Line (2/H)
White dot Takarachō 宝町
White dot Nihombashi 日本橋 Ginza Line (3/G)
Tōzai Line (5/T)
White dot Ningyōchō 人形町 Hibiya Line (2/H)
White dot Higashi-Nihombashi 東日本橋 ↓↓↓ See below ↓↓↓
connected station transfer with Bakuro-Yokoyama Shinjuku Line (10/S)
White dot Asakusabashi 浅草橋
White dot Kuramae 蔵前 Ōedo Line (12/E)
White dot Asakusa 浅草 Ginza Line (3/G)
White dot Honjo-Azumabashi 本所吾妻橋
White dot Oshiage 押上 Hanzōmon Line (11/Z)

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