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Bowdoin (pronounced BO-din) of the MBTA, is a station on the Blue Line, serving Bowdoin Square in Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood. It opened for service on March 18, 1916, and was originally part of an old trolley line that ran under downtown Boston, connecting Beacon Hill to Maverick Square. The station is lightly used except at rush hour, and is only open from 5:15AM to 6:30PM, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, prior to 2013. At all other times, trains terminate and originate service at Government Center station. The sharp loop just past the station is used to turn around Blue Line trains at all times, sending them back to Government Center and on to Wonderland, in Revere. The platform is wedge shaped, with a single entrance at the fat end, near the turnaround loop.

Bowdoin station is currently open for all hours of service, including on weekends, from December 28, 2013 onwards during the closure of the Callahan Tunnel and Government Center Station. In February 2016, the MBTA announced that Bowdoin would remain open at all times even after Government Center reopened on March 21.

In 2008, the MBTA started running a mixture of 4-car and 6-car trains on the Blue Line, adding more long trains as new cars arrive from the manufacturer. 6-car trains can fit on the westbound platform where trains go out of service, but only 4-car trains can fit on the eastbound side where trains come into service after turning around. At Bowdoin only, passenger must press a "door open" button outside of the train to board a 6-car train.

Bowdoin is slated to be closed once the Government Center renovation is complete, due to the short distance between the lengthened platforms. A second headhouse might be added to Government Center closer to Bowdoin Station on Cambridge Street. This would reduce the walking distance from 980 to 575 feet.[1] Bowdoin will likely continue to be used as a turnaround loop, unless the proposed Blue Line extension tunnel to Charles/MGH is constructed.


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