This is a project created by Omegshi147. The first project of this wiki, and the purpose of this project is to let more people know about the rail systems in China and to update metro systems in China. If you want to enter this project, please leave a message for Omegshi147.

Metro system pages that needs to be updated:

Guangzhou Metro currently editing by Omegshi147
Beijing Subway
Shanghai Metro
Shenzhen Metro
Tianjin Subway
Changchun Rail Transit
Chongqing Rail Transit
Nanjing Metro
Wuhan Metro
Dalian Metro

Metro Systems that needs to be created:

Chengdu Metro
Shenyang Metro
Harbin Metro
Hangzhou Metro
Kunming Metro
Xi'an Metro
Zhenzhou Metro
Suzhou Metro
Taipei Metro
Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit

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