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The urban rail transit system in Daegu (대구; 大邱) is mainly operated by one company. There are currently 3 urban rail lines transit through Daegu.

Line Terminal(s) Length Stations Operator
Daegu-1 1 Daegok ↔ Ansim 25.9 km 32 Daegu Metropolitan Transit
Daegu-2 2 Munyang ↔ Yeungnam University 31.4 km 29 Daegu Metropolitan Transit
Daegu-3 3 KNU Medical Center ↔ Yongji 23.9 km 30 Daegu Metropolitan Transit
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Currently operating Urban rail transit systems in Korea
South Korea Seoul–Incheon–Gyeonggi · Busan · Daegu · Daejeon · Gwangju
North Korea Pyeongyang

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