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The station, a stop between the Stamford and Springdale stations, is located at 2 Crescent Street and 502 Glenbrook Road, and is 35.2 miles from Grand Central Terminal.[1]

The station has no staffed ticket office,[1] and there are no ticket machines. Although there are two waiting shelters on the 320-foot platform, there is no canopy. In December 2010, Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell announced that the state Bonding Commission was expected to approve $950,000 in financing for a canopy.[2]



In the nineteenth century, establishment of the station was a key factor in the formation of the Glenbrook community, which grew up around it.

In the 1950s, the train station was moved from a spot near the Courtland Avenue overpass (on the New Haven line) to its present location a bit to the northwest on the New Canaan line. As of 2007, city officials were considering the idea of building a second train station in the area, possibly at the original Glenbrook station site.[3]

The station is now in an urban area with little parking and faced by the backs of buildings,[4] along with the graffiti on them, the trash up against them and some advertising.[5] The platform at the station is located between two grade crossings (Glenbrook Road to the south and Crescent Street to the north), allowing for no expansion.[4]

Platform and track configurationEdit

Template:Ja-rail-linem Template:Ja-rail-linem This station has one four-car-long high-level side platform to the east of the track. The New Canaan Branch has one track at this location.


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