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Glenmont is a Washington Metro station in Montgomery County, Maryland on the Red Line. This is the northeastern end of the Red Line, and the only suburban terminal station to be in subway. This is the only station on the Red Line to feature the six-coffer arch design. The six-coffer design is also seen on the Green Line. Until recently, Glenmont was also the only station in the system lit with sodium lamps, which gave the station a warm orange glow. These sodium lamps were replaced with the mercury vapor lamps found in other underground stations in early 2006. [1] The Glenmont rail yard is located just beyond this station, with the ability to store 132 rail cars.[2]

There are two entrances for access to Glenmont station. They are on both sides of Georgia Avenue (MD-97). Unlike older Metro stations, there are two street elevators, though there is only one platform elevator. Many bus routes also serve the station. Metrobus routes C7, C8, C9, Y5, Y7, Y8, and Y9 serve Glenmont. [3]

The station, located at Georgia Avenue and Layhill Road, serves the suburbs of Glenmont, and Aspen Hill. Service began on July 25, 1998.

In 2006, WMATA will begin construction on a second parking garage at Glenmont. Currently, parking at the garage costs $4 all day. [3]

Notable places nearbyEdit

  • Brookside Gardens
  • Wheaton Regional Park


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