Guangzhou Metro Haizhu Island Circular New Tram

Haizhu Tram, THZ1 as recognized by the operators of Guangzhou Metro, YoungTram as recognized by the operators of Guangzhou Tram is the only tramline built in the city of Guangzhou, opened at 2014 December 31st 10:00 AM Beijing Time. It follows the coast of the Pearl River, and in the far-future will form a circle around the Haizhu District. The head of the tram slightly shows the shape of the Chinese character "广", which is the first character in the Chinese names of Guangzhou, the city, and Guangdong, the province the city is in.


Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Canton Tower 广州塔 3 APM
White dot Canton Tower East 广州塔东
White dot Liede Bridge South 猎德大桥南
Party Pier 琶醍
White dot Nanfeng 南风
White dot Canton Fair Complex West 会展西
White dot Canton Fair Complex Middle 会展中
White dot Canton Fair Complex East 会展东
White dot Pazhou Bridge South 琶洲大桥南
White dot Pazhou Pagoda 琶洲塔
White dot Wangshengwei 万胜围 4 8

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