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Huntington is a Washington Metro station in Huntington, Virginia on the Yellow Line. It is the southern end of the Yellow Line, and one of only two stations served exclusively by the Yellow Line. As the station is built into a hillside, the south mezzanine, along with escalator access, is accessible via a funicular elevator.

The station serves the suburban area of Fairfax County, Virginia and is a popular commuter station, with over 3000 parking spaces. It is located between North Kings Highway (State Route 241) and Huntington Avenue, with parking facilities and station entrances available off of both roads. Service began on December 17, 1983.

The north mezzanine is home to Metro's only fully public restroom, an automatic self-cleaning toilet manufactured by Exeloo, opened in October 2003. The automatic restroom was installed as part of a pilot project to determine customer acceptance and feasibility of the concept, as well as the impact on safety and cleanliness. [1] According to then-General Manager Richard A. White in the online Lunchtalk chat dated June 3, 2005, there are no plans to extend the program to any other stations. [2]

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