Japan currently has 21 regions with urban rail transit system due to the urban nature of Japan rail systems are group by regions rather than individual systems.

Urban-rail systemsEdit

System/Region Lines Principal area Operators
Kantō Tōkyō–Tama–Yokohama–Kawasaki–Saitama–Chiba–Sagamihara
Kansai Ōsaka–Kōbe–Kyōto–Sakai
Nagoya Nagoya
Sapporo Sapporo
Fukuoka–Kitakyūshū Fukuoka–Kitakyūshū
Hiroshima Hiroshima
Sendai Sendai
Niigata Niigata
Shizuoka‒Hamamatsu Shizuoka‒Hamamatsu
Okayama Okayama
Kumamoto Kumamoto
Kagoshima Kagoshima
Matsuyama Matsuyama
Nagasaki Nagasaki
Toyama Toyama
Toyohashi Toyohashi
Kōchi Kōchi
Naha Naha
Hakodate Hakodate
Fukui Fukui
Takaoka Takaoka

Intercity-rail systemsEdit

System Lines Operators
Shinkansen 8[N 1]
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Currently operating Urban rail transit systems in Japan
Tōkyō–Tama–Yokohama–Kawasaki–Saitama–Chiba–Sagamihara · Ōsaka–Kōbe–Kyōto–Sakai · Nagoya · Sapporo · Fukuoka–Kitakyūshū · Hiroshima · Sendai · Niigata · Shizuoka‒Hamamatsu · Okayama · Kumamoto · Kagoshima · Matsuyama · Nagasaki · Toyama · Toyohashi · Kōchi · Naha · Hakodate · Fukui · Takaoka
  1. In terms of Routes/Services not lines.

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