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Kenmore Station is a subway stop on Boston's MBTA, located in Kenmore Square. Besides serving Kenmore Square, it is the main stop for Fenway Park. (There is a 'Fenway' stop located further down the 'D' branch of the Green Line, but it refers to the neighbourhood of the same name and isn't as close to the ballpark. However, fans coming home from the game to the Newton Highlands region (serviced by the D) are advised to use the Fenway stop because outbound from surface stops was free prior to January 1, 2007.). The Kenmore Station stop is also close to many Boston University dormitory residences including Myles Standish Hall and Shelton Hall. The stop is also central to the Boston University bookstore and the newly constructed Hotel Commonwealth.

The station serves as the branching off point for the B, C, and D trains on the Green Line. While all trains follow the same route going inbound (with the exception of the E train which doesn't join the others until Copley Square), going outbound they split at Kenmore branching off into different above-ground routes.

Until January 1, 2007, Kenmore was the last Green Line station heading outbound where passengers were required to pay a fare upon boarding, as boarding outbound trains at surface stops was free. Passengers now pay fares at surface stops regardless of whether they are going inbound or outbound.

Bus connectionsEdit


Kenmore station is currently undergoing major renovations, and while is still operational, the station is occasionally closed for track construction. These renovations are expected to be completed in early 2007. The modernization of Kenmore Square Station is part of the MBTA's Light Rail Accessibility Program (LRAP).

To be completed:

  • New elevators, escalators
  • New bus shelter (see rendering)
  • Semi-raised platforms (for new Green-Line vehicles)
  • General surface improvements to Kenmore Square
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