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King Street is a Washington Metro station in Alexandria, Virginia on the Blue and Yellow Lines. It is the first transfer station for the Blue and Yellow lines, as the two lines converge just south of the station. During inclement weather, Crystal City is commonly used as an unofficial transfer point, being the southernmost underground station common to both lines. King Street was originally served only by the Yellow Line, until the Blue Line was extended from National Airport to Van Dorn Street in 1991. The station entrance pylon on the street still reflects this period of Yellow-only service, lacking a blue stripe.

The station is located at King Street and Commonwealth Avenue. Entrances to the station are located on King Street and on the Diagonal Road side of the station. The station is above ground, and utilizes a center platform, which includes detectable warning strips to aid passengers who are blind or visually impaired. Access to the platform is provided by one pair of escalators, one staircase and one elevator. Service began on December 17, 1983.

An expansion to the station has been completed, which adds a second entrance and mezzanine across Commonwealth Avenue from the existing mezzanine, with the new entrance located on Cameron Street, across from the nearby Hilton hotel. The expansion also includes a new canopy over the north end of the platform, designed to match the original canopy. [1] The two canopies do not connect in order to preserve the view of the George Washington Masonic Memorial from Old Town.

Transit connections Edit

The station is adjacent to Alexandria Union Station, together with which it serves Old Town Alexandria and as a transit hub for the city as a whole. Both Metrobus and DASH provide service to the station. A free weekend shuttle bus service, called DASH About, provides direct access to Old Town and the Waterfront, making many stops along King Street. Car sharing is also available. The station is about 12 blocks (one mile) from the intersection of King and Washington Streets; it is about 17 blocks from the Waterfront.

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