Kyūshū Railway Logo
  • System name: Kyūshū Railway (JR Kyūshū)
  • Native name: 九州旅客鉄道 (JR九州)
  • Operational Lines: 14
  1. Name: Kyūshū Railway Com
    Native name: 九州旅客鉄道

Operational LinesEdit


Main article: Shinkansen

Regional RailwaysEdit

Color Line Terminals Year Opened Newest Extension Length (km) Stations
Kagoshima Main Line
Nagasaki Main Line
Kyūdai Main Line
Hōhi Main Line
Nippō Main Line
Chikuhō Main Line
Chikuhi Line
Fukuhoku Yutaka Line
Gotōji Line
Hisatsu Line
Hitahikosan Line
Ibusuki Makurazaki Line
Kashii Line
Karatsu Line
Kitto Line
Misumi Line
Miyazaki Kūkō Line
Nichinan Line
Ōmura Line
Sasaguri Line
Sasebo Line

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