Beijing Subway Line 13


Line 13
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Xizhimen 西直门 2 4
(non-connected station transfer with Beijingbei S2)
White dot Dazhongsi 大钟寺
White dot Zhichunlu 知春路 10
White dot Wudaokou 五道口
White dot Shangdi 上地
White dot Xi'erqi 西二旗 Changping
White dot Longze 龙泽
White dot Huilongguan 回龙观
White dot Huoying 霍营 8
White dot Lishuiqiao 立水桥 5
White dot Beiyuan 北苑
White dot Wangjing West 望京西 15
White dot Shaoyaoju 芍药居 10
White dot Guangximen 光熙门
White dot Liufang 柳芳
White dot Dongzhimen 东直门 2 Airport

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