Sun Yat-sen Station

the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Station, Line 2.

Guangzhou Metro Line 2 The second metro line to be built in, Line 2 mostly follows the former Guangzhou Baiyun Airport aircraft parking apron (the former Guangzhou Airport was closed due to the expansion of Guangzhou), and the Jiahe County. It also goes through the Guangzhou Railway Station, and the Guangzhou South Railway Station.


Line 2
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Jiahewanggang 嘉禾望岗 314
White dot Huangbian 黄边
White dot Jiangxia 江夏
White dot Xiao-gang 萧岗
White dot Baiyun Culture Square 白云文化广场
White dot Baiyun Park 白云公园
White dot Feixiang Park 飞翔公园
White dot Sanyuanli 三元里
White dot Guangzhou Railway Station 广州火车站 511
White dot Yuexiu Park 越秀公园
White dot Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall 纪念堂
White dot Gongyuanqian 公园前 1
White dot Haizhu Square 海珠广场 6
White dot The 2nd Workers' Cultural Palace 市二宫
White dot Jiangnanxi 江南西
White dot Changgang 昌岗 8
White dot Jiangtai Lu 江泰路 11
White dot Dongxiaonan 东晓南
White dot Nanzhou 南洲 Guangfo
White dot Luoxi 洛溪
White dot Nanpu 南浦
White dot Huijiang 会江
White dot Shibi 石壁 7
White dot Guangzhou South Railway Station 广州南站 7

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