Haibang Station

Haibang Station, Line 4.

Guangzhou Metro Line 4 Line 4 is the Guangzhou Metro's most stations that is elevated. It is the only line that arrives at Nansha District. It goes to the Biological Island, Higher Education Mega Center, Asian Games Town, and the Guangzhou Olympic Stadium. Line 4 is the second longest line in Guangzhou Metro.


Line 4
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Huangcun 黄村 21
White dot Chebei 车陂
White dot Chebeinan 车陂南 5
White dot Wanshengwei 万胜围 8 THZ1
White dot Guanzhou 官洲
White dot Higher Education Mega Center North 大学城北
White dot Higher Education Mega Center South 大学城南 7
White dot Xinzao 新造
Guanqiao 官桥
White dot Shiqi 石碁
White dot Haibang 海傍
White dot Dichong 低涌
White dot Dongchong 东涌
Qingsheng 庆盛
White dot Huangge Auto Town 黄阁汽车城
White dot Huangge 黄阁
White dot Jiaomen 蕉门
White dot Jinzhou 金洲
Jinlong 金隆
Guanglong 广隆
Tangkeng 塘坑
Dayong 大涌
Nansha Information Technology Park 资讯园
Nansha Ferry Terminal 南沙客运港

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