Shenzhen Metro Line 4


Line 4
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Futian Checkpoint 福田口岸 Connected to MTR @ East Rail Lok Ma Chau
White dot Fumin 福民
White dot Convention and Exhibition Center 会展中心 1
White dot Civic Center 市民中心 2
White dot Children's Palace 少年宮 3
White dot Lianhua North 莲花北
White dot Shangmeilin 上梅林
White dot Minle 民乐
White dot Baishilong 白石龙
White dot Shenzhen North 深圳北站 5
White dot Hongshan 红山
White dot Shangtang 上塘
White dot Longsheng 龙胜
White dot Longhua 龙华
White dot Qinghu 清湖

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