Zoo Station

the Zoo Station, Line 5.

Guangzhou Metro Line 5

Line 5 is the only metro line that goes to the Huangpu District. It was the line that interchanges with all other lines until Line 8 broke out of Line 2. In 2016, it will be the only line that interchanges with Line 13 (unless the 2nd Phrase is approved). It goes to Zhongshan 8th Rd, Guangzhou Railway Station, Garden Hotel, Wuyang New Town, Zhujiang New Town, Liede Bridge, Chebei, Dongpu. It mostly follows Inner Ring Rd.


Line 5
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Jiaokou 滘口
White dot Tanwei 坦尾 6
White dot Zhongshanba 中山八 11
White dot Xichang 西场
White dot Xicun 西村 8
White dot Guangzhou Railway Station 广州火车站 211
White dot Xiaobei 小北
White dot Taojin 淘金
White dot Ouzhuang 区庄 6
White dot Zoo 动物园
White dot Yangji 杨箕 1
White dot Wuyangcun 五羊邨
White dot Zhujiang New Town 珠江新城 3
White dot Liede 猎德
White dot Tancun 潭村
White dot Yuancun 员村 1121*
White dot Keyun Lu 科韵路
White dot Chebeinan 车陂南 4
White dot Dongpu 东圃
White dot Sanxi 三溪
White dot Yuzhu 鱼珠 13
White dot Dashadi 大沙地
White dot Dashadong 大沙东
White dot Wenchong 文沖

*=Line 21 will borrow the section Yuancun-Tianhe Park of Line 11 before it is opened.

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