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Beijing Lu Station, Line 6.

Guangzhou Metro Line 6

Line 6 is the newest metro line built in the system, opened at 2013 December 28th 2:00 PM Beijing Time. It follows the coast of the Pearl River, and in the future will go to Luogang District and Science Town. It is the only metro line in Guangzhou that expresses the history if the city, with stations such as Beijing Lu, Tuanyida Square, and Huanghuagang, which is historical areas of Guangzhou.


Line 6
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Xunfenggang 浔峰岗
White dot Hengsha 横沙
White dot Shabei 沙贝
White dot Hesha 河沙
White dot Tanwei 坦尾 5
White dot Ruyifang 如意坊 11
White dot Huangsha 黄沙 1
White dot Cultural Park 文化公园 8
Yide Lu 一德路
White dot Haizhu Square 海珠广场 2
White dot Beijing Lu 北京路
White dot Tuanyida Square 团一大广场
White dot Donghu 东湖
White dot Dongshankou 东山口 1
White dot Ouzhuang 区庄 5
White dot Huanghuagang 黄花岗
White dot Shaheding 沙河顶
Shahe 沙河 11
White dot Tianpingjia 天平架
White dot Yantang 燕塘 3
White dot Tianhe Coach Terminal 天河客运站 3
White dot Changban 长湴
Botanical Garden 植物园
Longdong 龙洞
Kemulang 柯木塱
Gaotangshi 高塘石
Huangbei 黄陂
Jinfeng 金峰
Xiangang 暹岗
Suyuan 苏元 21
Luogang 萝岗
Xiangxue 香雪

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