Guangzhou Metro Line 7

Hanxi Chimelong Line 7

The construction of the interchange station of Hanxi Changlong.

Line 7 is under construction and will be opened in 2016. The line runs in the Panyu District, and crosses the Guangzhou South Railway Station, Shibi New Town, Chimelong Resort, and Higher Education Mega Center.


Line 7
Station Name Native Name Transfer
Guangzhou South Railway Station 广州南站  2fs2
Shibi 石壁  2
Xiecun 谢村  
Zhongcun 钟村  
Hanxi Changlong 汉溪长隆  3
Nancun Wanbo 南村万博  
Yuangang 员岗  
Banqiao 板桥  
Higher Education Mega Center South 大学城南  4

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