Modiesha Station

Modiesha Station, Line 8.

Guangzhou Metro Line 8

Line 8 is the formerly a part of Line 2, and follows Xinggang Rd, Changgang Rd, Gongye Avenue. It is an important transportation for Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. It is limited to Haizhu District for now, but the northern extension, which is under contrustion, goes to Yuexiu District.


Line 8
Station Name Native Name Transfer
Baiyun Lake 白云湖  
Tinggang 亭岗  
Shijing 石井  
Xiaoping 小坪  
Pingsha 平沙  
Julong 聚龙  
Shangbu 上步  
Tongdewei 同德围  
Ezhangtan 鹅掌坦  
Xicun 西村  5
Caihongqiao 彩虹桥  11
Chen Clan Academy 陈家祠  1
Hualin Temple 华林寺
Cultural Park 文化公园  6
Tongfuxi 同福西  
White dot Fenghuang Xincun 凤凰新村
White dot Shayuan 沙园 Guangfo
White dot Baogang Dadao 宝岗大道
White dot Changgang 昌岗 2
White dot Xiaogang Station 晓港
White dot Sun Yat-Sen University Station 中大
White dot Lujiang Station 鹭江
White dot Kecun Station 客村 3
White dot Chigang Station 赤岗
White dot Modiesha Station 磨碟沙
White dot Xingangdong Station 新港东
White dot Pazhou Station 琶洲 11
White dot Wanshengwei Station 万胜围 4 THZ1

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