Heavy rail systemsEdit

Red LineEdit

Main lineEdit

Ashmont Branch (Diverging from JFK/UMass)Edit

Braintree Branch (Diverging from JFK/UMass)Edit

Orange LineEdit

Blue LineEdit

Green Line light railEdit

Main trunkEdit

"B" BranchEdit

"C" BranchEdit

"D" BranchEdit

"E" BranchEdit

closed stations and planned future stations on "E" BranchEdit

  • VA Medical Center
  • Evergreen Street
  • Bynner Street
  • Perkins Street
  • Moraine Street
  • Kingsboro Park
  • Robinwood Avenue
  • Beaufort Road
  • Lakeville Road
  • Pond Street
  • Jamaica Plain Center
  • Seaverns Avenue
  • Monument
  • Carolina Avenue
  • Child Street
  • St. Rose Street
  • St. Mark Street
  • Forest Hills

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