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This is an alphabetical list of cities worldwide that have a rapid transit system, or a light-rail system with some elements of rapid transit. Such systems are commonly called metros, subways, elevated railways, heavy rail, rapid rail, or underground railways; see passenger rail terminology for more information.

Rapid transit (heavy rail) is generally defined by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) as "high-speed, passenger rail cars operating singly or in trains of two or more cars on fixed rails in separate right-of-way from which all other vehicular and foot traffic are excluded. [1]. This generally does not include "other" rail modes such as aerial tramways, automated guideway transit, cable cars, inclined planes tramway, or monorails.

Most light rail systems and commuter rail sytems are not included here. Some systems which provide metro service using light-rail vehicles or in some other way have elements of both may be in both lists.

See also: List of suburban and commuter rail systems, list of airport circulators, List of light-rail transit systems, List of town tramway (urban tramway, streetcar) systems, List of cities with trolleybuses, List of cities that no longer have trolleybuses.


Country City Name of System List of stations Date opened Official link Other link
Egypt Cairo Cairo Metro List 1987 NAT-Egypt [2]


Country City Name of System List of stations Date opened Official link Other link
Armenia Yerevan Yerevan Metro List 1981   [3]
Azerbaijan Baku Baku Metro List 1967 Metropoliten [4]
People's Republic of China Beijing Beijing Subway List 1969 Beijing Subway [5]
Changchun Changchun Rail Transit (Note 2) List 2002 Changchun RT Blog [6]
Changsha Changsha Metro List Under construction    
Chengdu Chengdu Metro List Under construction Chengdu Metro [7]
Chongqing Chongqing Rail Transit (Note 2) List 2005 Chongqing RT [8]
Dalian Dalian Metro List 2001   [9]
Foshan Foshan Metro List Under construction    
Fuzhou Fuzhou Metro List Under construction    
Guangzhou Guangzhou Metro List 1999 Guangzhou Metro [10]
Guiyang Guiyang Urban Rail Transit List Under construction    
Harbin Harbin Metro List Under construction    
Hangzhou Hangzhou Metro List Under construction   [11]
Hefei Hefei Metro List Under construction    
Kunming Kunming Rail Transit List Under construction    
Nanchang Nanchang Rail Transit List Under construction    
Nanning Nanning Rail Transit List Under construction    
Nanjing Nanjing Metro List 2005 Nanjing Metro [12]
Ningbo Ningbo Rail Transit List Under construction Ninbo RT  
Qingdao Qingdao Metro List Under construction    
Shanghai Shanghai Metro List 1995 Shanghai Shentong Metro [13]
Shenyang Shenyang Metro List 2009    
Shenzhen Shenzhen Metro List 2004 Shenzhen Metro [14]
Suzhou Suzhou Subway List Under construction    
Tianjin Tianjin Metro/Binhai Mass Transit List 1980 Tianjin Metro/Binhai Mass Transit [15]
Wuhan Wuhan Metro (Note 2) List 2004 Wuhan Metro] [16]
Wuxi Wuxi Metro List Under construction    
Xi'an Xi'an Metro List Under construction    
Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Subway List Under construction    
Georgia Tbilisi Tbilisi Metro List 1966 [17]
New Athos (Novy Afon) Tourist subway to Novy Afon Cave List 1975
India Bangalore Bangalore Metro List Pre-Final Stages of Planning Bangalore Mass Rapid Transit Ltd. [18]
Kolkata Kolkata Metro List 1984 Metro Railway Calcutta [19]
Kolkata Kolkata Suburban Railway List 1954
Lucknow Lucknow MEMU 1998
Chennai Chennai Metro List 1997 MTC [20]
Delhi Delhi Metro List 2002 DMRC [21]
Hyderbad Hyderabad Metro List MMTS Started in August 2003 Hyderabad Metro [22]
Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Metro Proposed for 2010 [23]
Kochi, India Kochi Metro Proposal Cleared by Cabinet [24]
Mumbai Mumbai Suburban Railway List 1867 Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation Ltd. [25]
Mumbai Mumbai Metro List Under construction [26]
Thane Thane Metro List Under construction MSRDC [27]
Indonesia Jakarta Jakarta Monorail List Under construction Jakarta Monorail  
Jakarta MRT
Israel Haifa Carmelit List 1956   [28]
Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Subway List Under construction NTA  
Jerusalem Jerusalem Light Rail List Under construction Jerusalem Light Rail  
Iran Isfahan Isfahan Urban Railway Organization (EURO) List Under construction EURO [29]
Karaj Karaj Metro List     [30]
Mashhad Mashhad Metro List   MURCO [31]
Shiraz Shiraz Metro List   SURO  
Tabriz Tabriz Metro List      
Tehran Tehran Metro List 1999 Tehran Metro [32]
Japan Chiba Chiba Urban Monorail List 1988 Chiba Urban Monorail Co. [33]
Fukuoka Fukuoka City Subway List 1981 Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau [34]
Hiroshima Astram Line List 1994 Hiroshima Rapid Transit Co. [35]
Sky Rail Service List 1998    
Kamakura/ Fujisawa Shonan Monorail List 1970 Shonan Monorail Co. [36]
Kawasaki Kawasaki Rapid Railway List In Planning Stages Kawasaki City Transportation Bureau [37]
Kitakyushu Kitakyushu Monorail List 1985 KUM [38]
Kobe Kobe Rapid Railway By line 1968   [39]
Kobe Municipal Subway By line 1977 Kobe Subway
Kobe New Transit By line 1981 Kobe New Transit Co.
Komaki Peach Liner (defunct) By line 1991 Tokadai New Transit Co.  
Kyoto Kyoto Municipal Subway By line 1981 Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau [40]
Nagoya Nagoya Municipal Subway List 1957 City of Nagoya Transportation Bureau [41]
Suburbs of Nagoya Linimo List 2005 Aichi Rapid Transit Co.
Naha Okinawa Monorail List 2003 Yui-Rail [42]
Osaka Osaka Municipal Subway By line 1933 Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau [43]
New Tram List 1981
Osaka Monorail List 1990 Osaka Monorail Co.
Cities of Saitama Prefecture New Shuttle List 1983 Saitama New Urban Transit Co.  
Saitama Railway List 2001 Saitama Railway Co. [44]
Sakura Yamaman Yukarigaoka Line List 1982 Yamaman Co. [45]
Sapporo Sapporo Municipal Subway List 1971 SCTB [46]
Sendai Sendai Municipal Subway List 1987 SCTB [47]
(23 special wards)
Tokyo Metro By line 1927 Tokyo Metro [48]
Toei Subway By line 1960 Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation
Tokyo Monorail   1964 Tokyo Monorail
Tokyo Waterfront Railway List 1996 Tokyo Waterfront Railway Co.
Yurikamome List 1995 Yurikamome
New Transit Nippori Toneri Line List Under construction   [49]
Western Tokyo cities Tama Toshi Monorail Line List 1998 Tama Toshi Monorail Co.  
Yokohama Yokohama Municipal Subway List 1972 Transportation Bureau,City of Yokohama [50]
Minato Mirai Line List 2004 Minato Mirai Line
Kanazawa Seaside Line List 1989 Yokohama New Transit Co. [51]
Kazakhstan Almaty Almaty Metro List Under construction   [52]
N. Korea Pyongyang Pyongyang Metro List 1973 Pyongyang Metro (unofficial) [53]
S. Korea Busan Busan Subway List 1985 Busan Transportation Company [54]
Daegu Daegu Subway List 1997 DMSC [55]
Daejeon Daejeon Subway List 2006 DJeT [56]
Gwangju Gwangju Subway List 2004 GMRT [57]
Incheon Incheon Subway List 1999 IRTC [58]
Seoul Seoul Subway List 1974 Seoul Metro [59]
1994 SMRT
1974 Korail
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Ampang Line List 1996 Rapid KL [60]
Kelana Jaya Line List 1998 Rapid KL
Sri Petaling Line List 1998 Rapid KL
KL Monorail List 2003 KL Monorail
Johor Bahru JB Maglev Monorail List Proposed [61]
Penang Penang Monorail List Proposed [62]
Putrajaya Putrajaya Monorail List Proposed [63]
Philippines Manila Manila Light Rail Transit System (LRT) List 1984 Light Rail Transit Authority [64]
Manila Metro Rail Transit System (MRT) 1999 Metrostar Express
Cebu Cebu Metro Rail Transit System (Cebu MRT) List of Cebu Metro stations funds released, awaiting approval [65]
Singapore Singapore Mass Rapid Transit List 1987 SMRT Corporation & SBS Transit [66]
Light Rapid Transit List 1999 SMRT Corporation & SBS Transit
Taiwan (Republic of China) Kaohsiung Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit List Under construction Kaohsiung MRT [67]
Taipei Taipei Rapid Transit System List 1996 TRTC [68]
CKS International Airport Access MRT System List Under construction Bureau of High Speed Rail  
Thailand Bangkok Bangkok Skytrain List 1999 BTS [69]
Bangkok Metro List 2004 MRTA [70]
Chiang Mai Chiang Mai LRT List Proposed MRTA [71]
Turkey Adana Adana Metro List Under construction Adana Metro [72]
Ankara Ankaray List 1996 Official site [73]
Ankara Metro 1997 Official site
Bursa Bursaray List 2002 Bursaray [74]
Izmir Izmir Metro List 2000 Izmir Metro [75]
United Arab Emirates Dubai Dubai Metro List Under Construction (2009) Dubai Municipality [76] [77]
Uzbekistan Tashkent Tashkent Metro List 1977 Toshkent Metropoliten [78] [79]


  1. Includes Caucasus.
  2. There are four systems in KCR. East Rail shares track with inter-city and freight trains on most but not all of its tracks. West Rail was designed as a commuter railway like East Rail, but contains only within-Hong Kong service currently, and is operating as a metro. The third one is the Light Rail system. A fourth one, the Ma On Shan Rail, is a branch of East Rail containing only local passenger service. The East Rail was opened in 1910 as part of a raillink to Canton (now Guangzhou), the Kowloon-Canton Railway, with some local service. It was electrified in the early 1980s, and over 95% of services on its track are now metro-like passenger service within Hong Kong's territories.
  3. An elevated metro; in Chinese terminology, it is called "light rail".

Europe, excluding the CaucasusEdit

Country City Name of System List of stations Date opened Official link Other link
Austria Serfaus Dorfbahn Serfaus Map 1985 [80]
Vienna Vienna U-Bahn (Note 2) List 1925 (Note 9) Wiener Linien [81]
Belarus Minsk Minsk Metro List 1984   [82]
Belgium Antwerp Antwerp Pre-metro List 197510 De Lijn [83]
Brussels Brussels Metro List 1976 STIB/MIVB [84]
Charleroi Charleroi Pre-metro List 198310 TEC Charleroi [85]
Bulgaria Sofia Sofia Metro List 1998 Metropolitan Sofia [86]
Czech Republic Prague Prague Metro List 1974 DP Praha [87]
Denmark Copenhagen Copenhagen Metro List 2002 Københavns Metro [88]
S-Train List 1934 DSB
Finland Helsinki Helsinki Metro (Note 5) Map 1982 HKL [89]
France Laon Poma 2000 List 1989 TUL
Lille Lille Metro (Note 6) List 1983 Transpole [90]
Lyon Lyon Metro List 1968 TCL [91]
Marseille Marseille Metro List 1977 RTM [92]
Paris Paris Métro List 1900 RATP [93]
RER (Note 8) 1977 RATP, SNCF
Orlyval (Note 6) 1991 RATP
Rennes Rennes Metro (Note 6) List 2002 STAR [94]
Toulouse Toulouse Metro (Note 6) List 1993 TISSEO [95]
Germany Berlin Berlin U-Bahn (Note 2) List 1902 BVG [96]
Berlin S-Bahn (Note 3) 1924 S-Bahn
Bielefeld Bielefeld Stadtbahn List 1991 MoBiel [97]
Bochum Bochum Stadtbahn List 1979 Bogestra [98]
Cologne Cologne Stadtbahn(Note 3) List 1968 Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB) [99]
Dortmund Dortmund Stadtbahn List 1983 Dortmunder Stadtwerke [100]
Dresden Dresden S-Bahn 1973 DB Regio AG
Düsseldorf Rheinbahn List 1981 Rheinbahn [101]
Duisburg Duisburg Stadtbahn List 1992 [102] [103]
Essen / Mülheim Essen Stadtbahn List 1977 EVAG [104]
Frankfurt Frankfurt U-Bahn List 1968 VGF [105]
Rhein-Main S-Bahn List 1978 S-Bahn
Hamburg Hamburg U-Bahn (Note 2) List 1912 Hochbahn [106]
Hamburg S-Bahn (Note 3) 1924 S-Bahn
Hannover Hanover Stadtbahn List 1975 üstra [107]
Hanover S-Bahn 2000 DB Regio AG [108]
Kassel RegioTram 2006 KVG
Leipzig/Halle Leipzig-Halle S-Bahn 1969 DB Regio AG
Magdeburg Magdeburg S-Bahn 1974 DB Regio AG
RheinNeckar S-Bahn 2003 DB Regio Verkehrsunternehmen RheinNeckar
Munich Munich U-Bahn (Note 2) List 1971 MVG [109]
Munich S-Bahn (Note 3) 1972 S-Bahn
Nuremberg / Fürth Nuremberg U-Bahn (Note 2) List 1972 VAG [110]
Nuremberg S-Bahn 1987 DB-Regio
Rostock Rostock S-Bahn 1970 DB Regio AG
Ruhrgebiet and Rheinland Rhein-Ruhr S-Bahn 1967 DB Regio NRW
Stuttgart Stuttgart Stadtbahn11 List 1985 Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen [111]
Stuttgart S-Bahn Mittlerer Neckar 1978 DB Regio AG [112]
Wuppertal Schwebebahn Wuppertal List 1901 WSW [113]
Greece Athens Athens-Piraeus Electric Railway (ISAP) List 1869 (Note 14) Η.Σ.Α.Π. [114]
Attiko Metro List 2000 Αττικό Μετρό
Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Metro List Under construction Attiko Metro [115]
Hong Kong Hong Kong MTR List 1910 MTR(Note 2) [116]
Hungary Budapest Budapest Metro List 1896 BKV [117]
Ireland Dublin Dublin Metro (Note 13) Map Proposed (13) Metro, Transport 21, Transport 21 [118]
Luas List 2004
Italy Bologna Bologna Metro List Under construction ATC [119]
Brescia Brescia Metrobus List Under construction Brescia Mobilità [120]
Catania Catania Metro List 1999 Ferrovia Circumetnea [121]
Genoa Genoa Metro List 1990 Metropolitana di Genova [122]
Milan Milan Metro (Note 7) List 1964 ATM [123]
Linee S (Note 7) List 2004   [124]
F.N.M. (Note 7) List 1887   [125]
Naples Naples Metro List 1993 MetroNapoli [126]
Rome Rome Metro List 1955 Metropolitana di Roma [127]
Turin Metrotorino (Note 6) List 2006 METROTORINO [128]
Netherlands Amsterdam Amsterdam metro List 1977 GVB [129]
Rotterdam Rotterdam Metro List 1968 RET [130]
Norway Oslo Oslo T-bane List 1928/1966 [131]
Poland Warsaw Warsaw Metro List 1995 Metro Warszawskie [132]
Portugal Coimbra Mondego Metro List Proposed Metro Mondego
Lisbon Lisbon Metro List 1959 Metropolitano de Lisboa [133]
Porto Porto Metro List 2002 Metro do Porto [134]
Margem Sul Region Sul do Tejo Metro List Under construction Metro Transportes do Sul
Romania Bucharest Bucharest Metro List 1979 MetroRex [135]
Russia Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk Metro List Under construction Chelyabmetrostroy [136]
Kazan Kazan Metro List 2005 Qazan Metropoliténı [137]
Krasnoyarsk Krasnoyarsk Metro List Under construction   [138]
Moscow Moscow Metro Map 1935 Moskovskiy Metropoliten [139]
Moscow Moscow Metro 2   secret    
Nizhny Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod Metro List 1985   [140]
Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Metro List 1985 Novosibirsk Metro [141]
Omsk Omsk Metro List Under construction Mostvik [142]
Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg Metro List 1955 Peterburgskiy Metropoliten [143]
Samara Samara Metro List 1987 Samara Metro [144]
Ufa Ufa Metro List Under construction   [145]
Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg Metro List 1991   [146]
Serbia Belgrade Beovoz Map 1995 Serbian Railways [147]
Spain Barcelona Barcelona Metro List 1924 TMB, FGC [148]
Bilbao Bilbao Metro List 1995 metrobilbao [149]
Madrid Madrid Metro List 1919 Metro de Madrid [150]
Palma de Mallorca Palma de Mallorca Metro List Under construction [151]
Seville Seville Metro List Under construction Metro de Sevilla [152]
Valencia Valencia Metro List 1988 FGV [153]
Sweden Stockholm Stockholm Metro
Map 1950 Storstockholms Lokaltrafik [154]
Switzerland Lausanne Lausanne Metro List 1991 tl [155]
Turkey Istanbul Istanbul Tunel List 1875 Istanbul Ulasim [156]
Istanbul Metro List 2000
Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk Dnipropetrovsk Metro Map 1995 Dnipropetrovsk Metro [157]
Donetsk Donetsk Metro Map Under construction Donetsk Metro [158]
Kharkiv Kharkiv Metro Map 1975 Khar'kovskiy Metropoliten [159]
Kiev Kiev Metro Map 1960 Kyiv Metro [160]
Kryvyi Rih Kryvyi Rih Metro Tram Map 1986 Kryvyi Rih Metro Tram [161]
United Kingdom Brighton Volk's Electric Railway could be considered a rapid transit system. Paston Palce, Aquarium, Black Rock. 1883 [162]
Glasgow Glasgow Subway List 1896 (Note 4) SPT [163]
Liverpool and Greater Merseyside Merseyrail List [164]
Ipswich Ipswich Rapid Transit List
Sheffield Sheffield Supertram List 1994 [165]
Birmingham and West Midlands Midland Metro List 1999 [166]
Crawley Crawley Fastway List 2006 [167]
Greater Manchester Manchester Metrolink List 1992
London London Underground List 1863 (Note 1) London Underground [168]
Docklands Light Railway List 1987 Docklands Light Railway
Tramlink List 2000
Newcastle upon Tyne & Sunderland(Note 15) Tyne & Wear Metro List 1980 NEXUS [169]


  1. The first line of what became the London Underground was built as a partly-underground steam railway in 1863; its first electric line was built in 1890.
  2. see also U-Bahn.
  3. see also Transportation in Germany.
  4. built as Cable car. Electrified in 1935. Closed 1977, reopened 1980 after complete refurbishment.
  5. northernmost metro in the world
  6. See also VAL
  7. in the Milan page there are also Suburban Lines "S", and FNM Lines. Both runs underground in Milan with dozens of stations.
  8. RER is the metropolitan express subway in Paris area.
  9. built as urban steam railway in 1863.
  10. built as urban steam railway in 1898.
  11. Through running from the tunnels to existing tramways.
  12. System contains stretches of unsegregated light rail.
  13. The Dublin METRO is due to be completed fully by 2015 under the Irish Government's €34 billion "Transport 21" Plan. The exact routes of the Dublin Metro have not yet been finalised. Dublin currently has the Luas tram and DART suburban rail systems.
  14. built as urban steam railway in 1869.
  15. Route to Sunderland opened in 2002.

North AmericaEdit


Metropolitan area Province Name of System List of stations Date opened Official link Other link
Calgary Alberta CTrain List 1981 Calgary Transit [170]
Edmonton Alberta Edmonton LRT   1978 ETS [171]
Montreal Quebec Montreal Metro List 1966 STM [172]
Ottawa Ontario O-Train List 2001 O-Train
Toronto Ontario Toronto subway/RT List 1954 TTC [173]
Vancouver British Columbia SkyTrain List 1985 TransLink [174]
York Region, Ontario Ontario Viva York List Bus Rapid Transit 2005

LRT/Subway 2025



Metropolitan area State Name of System List of stations Date opened Official link Other link
Guadalajara Jalisco Guadalajara Metro (Note 1) List 1989 SITEUR [176]
Mexico City DF Mexico City Metro List 1969 STC [177]
Mexico City DF Xochimilco–Tasqueña tren ligero List 1980 (?) [178] [179]
Monterrey Nuevo León Monterrey Metro List 1991 Metrorrey [180]

United States of AmericaEdit

This is a list of rapid transit systems only. For other systems:

See alsoEdit

Also see Wikipedia:Category:Presently operating light rail or streetcars in the United States

Metropolitan area State Name of System List of stations Date opened Official link Other link
Atlanta Georgia MARTA List 1979 MARTA [181]
Baltimore Maryland Baltimore Metro Subway List 1983 MTA [182]
Boston Massachusetts Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (or "T") List 1901 (Note 2) MBTA [183]
Buffalo New York Buffalo Metro Rail (Note 3) List 1985 NFTA [184]
Chicago Illinois Chicago 'L' List 1892 CTA [185]
Cleveland Ohio Cleveland Rapid Transit (Note 4) List 1955 RTA [186]
Dallas Texas Dallas Area Rapid Transit 1983 DART [187]
Denver Colorado Regional Transportation District List 1994 RTD [188]
Detroit Michigan Detroit People Mover List 1987 DTC [189]
Houston Texas METRORail List of MetroRail stops 2003
Jacksonville Florida Jacksonville Skyway List 1989 JTA [190]
Las Vegas Nevada Las Vegas Monorail List 2004 [191] [192]
Metropolitan Area Express 2004 MAX
Treasure Island, The Mirage Connector
Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur Connector
Los Angeles California Los Angeles County Metro Rail List 1990 MTA [193]
Miami Florida Metrorail List 1984 MDT [194]
Metromover List 1986
Morgantown West Virginia Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit   1975 West Virginia University [195]
Newark New Jersey Newark City Subway (NJT) List 1935 New Jersey Transit
AirTrain Newark List 2001 Port Authority
New York New York New York City Subway List 1868 (Note 5) MTA [196]
Staten Island Railway List 1860 (Note 6)
AirTrain JFK List 2003 Port Authority
New York/New Jersey New York/New Jersey PATH List 1908 Port Authority
Philadelphia Pennsylvania SEPTA List 1907 SEPTA [197]
Norristown High Speed Line List 1907
Pennsylvania / New Jersey PATCO Speedline List 1936 PATCO
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Port Authority of Allegheny County (or "T") List 1987 PAT [198]
Portland Oregon Metropolitan Area Express List 1986 TriMet [199]
Salt Lake City Utah UTA TRAX List 1999 TRAX
San Francisco California Muni Metro List 1912 [200]
San Francisco Bay Area California BART List 1972 BART [201]
San Juan Puerto Rico Tren Urbano List 2004 ATI [202]
Seattle (Note 7) Washington Seattle Center Monorail   1962 Seattle Monorail [203]
Sioux City Iowa Sioux City Elevated Railway 1891 - 1899 [204]
St. Louis Missouri St. Louis Metrolink 1993 Metro [205]
Washington DC / Maryland / Virginia Washington Metro List 1976 WMATA [206]
District of Columbia Congressional Subway   1909    


  1. Guadalajara metro includes one true metro line and one light rail line operated together.
  2. In 1897, streetcars began to use the tunnel in Boston. Rapid transit vehicles started using it in 1901.
  3. Buffalo Metro Rail is mostly underground; there is a non-grade separated passage, but it is located within a pedestrian mall, with no vehicle traffic.
  4. Cleveland Rapid Transit includes one true metro line and two light rail lines operated together.
  5. The oldest right-of-way used by the New York City Subway system opened in 1863 as a typical regional rail line in Brooklyn. The first elevated structure opened in 1868 in downtown Manhattan, but has been torn down. The oldest elevated structure still in use opened in 1885 in Brooklyn. The oldest line in Manhattan that is still in use opened in 1904, and was the first subway line.
  6. The Staten Island Railway uses R44 subway cars and is fully grade separated, but only has one short tunnel. The first passenger trains ran on the full line, at the time a typical rural regional rail line, in 1860. The line was electrified in 1925.[207] The last grade crossing was eliminated in 1966 [208] (however, the New York City Subway had one until 1983[209]).
  7. The Seattle Bus Tunnel began service in 1990, was shut down in 2005 for retrofitting to add light rail. The tunnel will reopen in 2007 for buses and light rail service is expected to begin in 2009.

South AmericaEdit

Country City Name of System List of stations Date opened Official link Other link
Argentina Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Metro List 1913 Metrovías [210] [211]
Brazil Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte Metro List 1986 Metrô BH [212]
Brasília Brasília Metro List 2001 Metrô DF [213]
Porto Alegre Porto Alegre Metro List 1985 Trensurb [214]
Recife Recife Metro List 1985 Metrorec [215]
Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Metro List 1979 Metrô Rio [216]
São Paulo São Paulo Metro List 1974 Metrô SP [217]
Chile Santiago de Chile Santiago Metro List 1975 Metro S.A. [218]
Valparaíso Valparaiso Metro List 2005 Metro Regional de Valparaíso S.A. [219]
Concepción Biotren Under construction 2005 Fesub S.A.  
Colombia Medellín Metro de Medellín List 1995 Metro [220]
Bogotá TransMilenio (buses) List December 18, 2000 TransMilenio [221]
Pereira Megabús (buses) List August 21, 2006 Megabús [222]

Peru Lima Lima Metro List 2003 Tren Urbano [223]
Venezuela Caracas Caracas Metro List 1983 C.A. Metro de Caracas [224]
Los Teques Los Teques Metro El Tambor (one station) 2006 C.A. Metro Los Teques [225]
Maracaibo Maracaibo Metro Under construction Projected for 2006 Metro de Maracaibo [226]
Mérida Trolmérida Under construction Projected by end-2006 Trolmérida  
Barquisimeto Transbarca Under construction Projected by end-2006 Transbarca  
Valencia Valencia Metro Under construction Projected for 2006 Valmetro [227]


  1. Metro Valparaíso in Chile has a hybrid coverage, high frequencies for trips inside the city of Valparaíso and lower frequencies for urban and suburban trips. That means the same urban trip, plus the arrival to the "Limache" suburban station in the suburban city of the same name. The system has lower frequencies than a rapid transit or metro system (4 minutes in rush hour) and uses the city's mainline tracks (freight trains use it in the Metro service's off hours), but is a metro-like system because it has the same type of coverage (urban and suburban), near metro-standard frequencies and is projected to be a Metro-standard system in a few years.
  2. Biotren in Concepción, Chile, has lower frequencies than a rapid transit or metro system (12 minutes in rush hour) and uses the city's mainline tracks (freight trains use it in the Metro service's off hours), but is a metro-like system because it has the same type of coverage (totally urban), near metro-standard frequencies and is projected to be a Metro-standard system in a few years.
  3. Trolmérida and Transbarca, in Venezuela, are trolleybuses systems.


In Australia, metros and mainline suburban railways are not separate concepts to the extent they are in most parts of the world; for examples, see Sydney CityRail and Melbourne Metlink.

Country City Name of system List of stations Date opened Official link
Australia Sydney CityRail List CityRail
Sydney Monorail List 1988 Sydney Monorail
Melbourne Melbourne Metlink List 1990 Melbourne Metlink
Brisbane, South East Queensland CityTrain List CityTrain
Perth Transperth Trains List 1881 Transperth
Adelaide TransAdelaide List TransAdelaide
New Zealand Auckland MAXX Regional Transport List MAXX

Earliest Rapid Transit SystemsEdit


For rail systems rankings, go to the following links:

Tramways incorporating large amounts of off-street or underground track are often referred to as 'pre-metros', particularly if there are plans to upgrade them to full metro service in the future.

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Books Edit

  • World Metro Systems by Paul Garbutt. Published by Capital Transport ISBN 1-85414-191-0
  • Underground railways yesterday-today-tomorrow by W Hinkel, K Treiber, G Valenta, H Liebsch published by Schmid Verlag. ISBN 3-900607-44-3
  • Metro Maps Of The World by Mark Ovenden. Published by Capital Transport ISBN 1-85414-288-7 [228]
  • Subways Of The World by Stan Fischler. Published by MBI. ISBN 0-7603-0752-0

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