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This is a list of stations on the 'L'. Each route (Red, Blue, etc.) has its stations listed according to the physical system branch on which they exist. Stations served by more than one route are listed on this page under each route served.

  • An asterisk (*) indicates an underground station
  • A "¹" indicates a ground level station (not elevated)

Blue Line (O'Hare-Forest Park-54/Cermak)Edit

O'Hare BranchEdit

Milwaukee-Dearborn SubwayEdit

Forest Park BranchEdit

54/Cermak Branch (weekday rush hours only)Edit

Brown Line (Kimball-Loop)Edit

Ravenswood BranchEdit


Green Line (Lake-Ashland/63-East 63rd)Edit

Lake Street ElevatedEdit


South Side ElevatedEdit

Ashland ("Englewood") BranchEdit

East 63rd ("Jackson Park") BranchEdit

Orange Line (Midway-Loop)Edit

Midway BranchEdit


Pink Line (54/Cermak-Loop)Edit

Note: This line was created from the 54/Cermak branch of Blue Line in June 2006 as part of a six-month study and has not yet been made permanent.

54/Cermak BranchEdit


Purple Line (Linden-Howard-Loop)Edit

Evanston BranchEdit

Purple Line Express (weekday rush hours only)Edit


Red Line (Howard-Dan Ryan)Edit

Howard BranchEdit

State Street SubwayEdit

Dan Ryan BranchEdit

Yellow Line (Skokie Swift)Edit

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