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The Maryland Transit Administration operates the following bus routes, many of which are the successors to streetcar lines (operated by the United Railways and Electric Company and later the Baltimore Transit Company), in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area of the U.S. state of Maryland.

For a list of only streetcar lines, see United Railways and Electric Company.

Local routesEdit

Route Terminals Major streets History

+ Sinai Hospital Belvedere Ave.

+ Mondawmin (M)

+ Fort McHenry Fort Ave.

Greenspring Avenue, Reisterstown Road, Fulton Avenue, Calhoun Street/Carey Street, Baltimore Street/Fayette Street, Charles Street, and Fort Avenue Electrified in 1895; replaced with trolleybuses on August 1, 1948 and buses on June 21, 1959

+ Cromwell Bridge Road Park & Ride

+ Sheppard Pratt Hospital

+ Hillendale Goucher Blvd.

+ Inner Harbor Charles Ave.

Joppa Road, Loch Raven Boulevard, 33rd Street, and St. Paul Street/Charles Street Introduced on June 22, 1947

+ Turners Station Avondale Rd.

+ C.C.B.C Essex Dundalk Avenue, Holabird Avenue, Wise Avenue, North Point Road, Eastern Avenue, Stemmers Run Road, and Rossville Boulevard Introduced on November 15, 1971

+ Cedonia Cedonia Ave.

+ Mondawmin (M) Sinclair Lane, Federal Street, Preston Street, Madison Street/Monument Street, Fayette Street/Baltimore Street, and McCulloh Street/Druid Hill Avenue Electrified in 1892; replaced with buses on June 27, 1948

+ Canton Eastbourne Ave.

+ Mondawmin (M) Hudson Street, Patterson Park Avenue, Lombard Street/Pratt Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue Introduced on June 27, 1948 as a variant of Route 5; separated on September 6, 1959

+ Univ. of Md. Trans. Ctr. Baltimore St.

+ Lutherville (L)Ridgely Rd.

Baltimore Street/Fayette Street, Greenmount Avenue/York Road Electrified in 1895; replaced with buses on November 3, 1963

+ Lutherville (L)Ridgely Rd.

+ Hunt Valley International Cir.

York Road and Beaver Dam Road Introduced on June 16, 1974; merged into Route 8 on January 31, 2000 and re-split on October 23, 2005

+ Catonsville Rolling Rd.

+ Paradise Loop Paradise Ave.

+ Center Pl. Dundalk Ave.

+ Dundalk Bullneck Rd.

Frederick Road, Frederick Avenue, Pratt Street/Lombard Street, Eastern Avenue, and Dundalk Avenue Electrified in 1893; replaced with trolleybuses on April 14, 1940 and buses on June 21, 1959

+ Towson Fairmount Ave.

+ Beltway Charles St.

+ Canton Eastbourne Ave. Charles Street, Cathedral Street/Maryland Avenue, Pratt/Lombard Streets, Fleet Street, and Boston Street Introduced on August 1, 1929; replaced with buses on June 22, 1947
+ Kirk Avenue + Stella Maris Hospice Kirk Avenue, North Avenue, Greenmount Avenue/York Road, and Dulaney Valley Road Introduced on June 11, 2006
+ Walbrook Junction North Ave.

+ Milton Avenue

+ Canton or Fells Point Eastbourne Ave.

North Avenue, Wolfe Street/Washington Street, Monument Street/Madison Street, Boston Street, and East Avenue Electrified in 1890; replaced with buses on January 10, 1954

+ Annapolis Calvert Ave.

+ Jumpers Hole Road Mountain Rd.

+ Patapsco (L)

+ Univ. of Md. Trans. Ctr. Baltimore St.

Ritchie Highway Introduced on April 29, 1973

+ Rutherford Business Park. Lord Baltimore Dr.

+ C.M.S. Security Blvd.

+ Security Square Mall

+ Social Security

+ Westview Craigmount Rd.

+ Perry Hall Perry Hall Blvd.

+ Overlea Belair Rd.

+ Gardenville Belair Rd.

Security Boulevard, Forest Park Avenue, Poplar Grove Street, Edmondson Avenue, Saratoga Street, and Gay Street/Belair Road Electrified in 1899; replaced with buses on November 3, 1963
+ Mondawmin (M)

+ Brooklyn Homes 10th St.

Warwick Avenue, Poplar Grove Street, North Avenue, Hilton Street, Caton Avenue, and Patapsco Avenue

+ Patapsco (L)

+ Univ. of Md. Trans. Ctr. Baltimore St.

+ BWI Airport (L)

+ Arundel Mills Mall

+ Parkway Center Standard Dr.

Annapolis Road, Nursery Road, Aviation Boulevard, and Dorsey Road

+ Park Heights Glen Ave.

+ Bonnie Ridge Smith Ave.

+ Old Court (M)

+ Velvet Valley Park Heights Ave.

Park Heights Avenue, Old Court Road, Smith Avenue, Cross Country

+ Carney Harford Rd.

+ Hillendale Goucher Blvd.

+ State Center (M) Eutaw Pl.

+ North Avenue Aisquith St.

Pratt/Lombard Streets, Harford Road, Northern Parkway, and Taylor Avenue

+ Security Square Mall

+ C.M.S. Security Blvd.

+ Edmondson Village Edmondson Ave.

+ Center Pl. Dundalk Ave.

+ C.C.B.C. Dundalk

+ Marine Term. Broening Hwy.

Rolling Road, Edmondson Avenue/Baltimore National Pike, Baltimore/Fayette Streets, O'Donnell Street, and Dundalk Avenue
+ Mondawmin (M) + Fells Point Central Ave. Pennsylvania Avenue/Reisterstown Road, Gilmor Street, Lafayette Avenue, Dolphin Street, Biddle Street/Preston Street, and Caroline Street
+ Bayview Med. Ctr. + Mondawmin (M) Liberty Heights Avenue, Druid Park Drive, University Parkway, 33rd Street, Edison Highway, Highland Avenue, and Eastern Avenue

+ Catonsville Rolling Rd.

+ Wildwood Wildwood Pkwy.

+ Fox Ridge Bayner Ave. Edmondson Avenue, Woodington Avenue/Wilwood Parkway, Franklin Avenue/Mulberry Street, Saratoga Street, Fayette Street, Eastern Avenue, and Back River Neck Road
+ Whispering Woods Eastern Blvd. + Moravia Moravia Pk. Dr. Eastern Boulevard, North Point Road, and Sinclair Lane

+ Reisterstown Plaza (M)

+ Rogers Avenue (M)

+ North Avenue Howard St.

+ Port Covington Belvedere Avenue, Kelly Avenue, Falls Road, Howard Street, Russell Street, and Cherry Hill Road
+ Cherry Hill (L) Cherry Hill Rd. Loop through Cherry Hill
+ Edmondson Village Edmondson Ave. + Univ. of Md. Trans. Ctr. Baltimore St.

+ City Hall Saratoga St.

+ Bayview Med. Ctr.

Baltimore/Fayette Street, Pratt/Lombard Street, Eastern Avenue
+ Rogers Avenue (M) + Moravia Moravia Rd. Cold Spring Lane/Moravia Road

+ U.M.B.C.

+ Blind Ind.

+ Fulton Avenue Wilkens Ave.

+ White Marsh Washington Boulevard, Sulphur Boulevard, Leeds Avenue, Wilkens Avenue, Monument/Madison Streets, Pulaski Highway, and Philadelphia Road

+ Cedarcroft Northern Pkwy.

+ Kirk Avenue

+ Riverview Hollins Ferry Rd.

+ Monroe Street Washington Blvd.

The Alameda, Kirk Avenue, Guilford Avenue, Baltimore/Fayette Streets, Washington Boulevard, and Hollins Ferry Road
+ North Bend North Bend Rd. + Coldspring Lane & Grandview Avenue Edmondson Avenue, Poplar Grove Street, Clifton Avenue, Liberty Heights Avenue, Druid Park Drive, Greenspring Avenue, and Coldspring Lane
+ C.M.S. Security Blvd. + Middle River Old Eastern Ave. Security Boulevard, Cooks Lane, Edmondson Avenue, U.S. Route 40, Baltimore Street/Fayette Street, and Eastern Avenue
+ Security Square Mall + Rosedale Industrial Park Pulaski Hwy. Gwynn Oak Avenue, Rogers Avenue, Northern Parkway, Belvedere Avenue, Echodale Avenue, and Frankford Avenue
+ Paradise Loop Paradise Ave. + Cedonia Loop Cedonia Ave. Frederick Avenue, Pratt/Lombard/Baltimore Streets, Madison/Monument Streets, Sinclair Lane/Cedonia Avenue
+ Walbrook Junction North Ave. + Overlea Loop Belair Rd. Poplar Grove Street, U.S. Route 40, Saratoga Street, Gay Street/Belair Road
+ Univ. of Md Trans. Ctr. Baltimore St. + Towson Fairmount Ave. Baltimore/Fayette Streets, Greenmount Avenue/York Road
Loop near Herring Run Park, including Mannasota Avenue
+ Rogers Avenue (M)

+ Patapsco (L)

+ Wash. Blvd. Monroe St.

Wabash Avenue, Hilton Road, Gwynns Falls Parkway, Bentalou Street, Pulaski Street, Monroe Street, Annapolis Road, Hollins Ferry Road, Hanover Street, and Patapsco Avenue
+ Milford Mill Church Ln. + Mondawmin (M) Liberty Road/Liberty Heights Avenue Split from Route 28 on June 18, 1984
Route P-6 introduced on June 18, 1984, replacing Route 28 branch to Bellemore Farms (Scotts Level Road); renumbered M-13 on August 31, 1987 and merged into Route M-1 on September 9, 1988; Bellemore Farms service discontinued in 2005; renumbered in 2009
+ Old Court (M) + Mondawmin (M) Reisterstown Road Split from Route 7 on June 18, 1984, renumbered in 2009

+ Penn-North (M) North Ave.

+ Milford Mill (M)

+ Randallstown Liberty Rd.

Park Heights Avenue, Milford Mill Road, Liberty Road Split from Route 5 on June 18, 1984, renumbered M-3; from Route 28 on June 18, 1984 as Route R-4, renumbered M-8 on August 31, 1987; merged in 2008
+ Fox Ridge Bayner Ave. + Towson Fairmount Ave. Stemmers Run Road, Rossville Boulevard, Kenwood Avenue, Northern Parkway, and Goucher Boulevard
+ Owings Mills Town Center + Glyndon Glyndon Rd. Reisterstown Road

+ Security Square Mall

+ Gwynn Oak

+ Rogers Avenue (M) Security Boulevard, Woodlawn Drive, and Gwynn Oak Avenue Split from Route 28 on June 18, 1984 as Route R-3; renumbered M-6 on August 31, 1987; renumbered in 2009
+ Reisterstown Plaza (M)

+ Mount Washington (L) Kelly Ave.

+ Overlea Loop Belair Rd.

+ White Marsh

Park Heights Avenue, Glen Avenue, and Greenspring Avenue, Smith Avenue, Kelly Avenue, Falls Road, Northern Parkway, Belair Road, and White Marsh Boulevard

+ Reisterstown Plaza (M)

+ Red Land Court

+ Owings Mills Town Center Reisterstown Road
+ Reisterstown Plaza (M)

+Stevenson University

+ Greenspring Station Joppa Rd.

Clarks Lane, Smith Avenue, Falls Road, Greenspring Valley Road
+ Mount Washington (L) Kelly Ave. + Inner Harbor Charles St. Kelly Avenue, Falls Road, Northern Parkway, Roland Avenue, University Parkway, and St. Paul/Charles Streets

+ Curtis Bay Spruce St.

+ Riviera Beach Greenway Rd.

+ Energy Parkway

+ B.C.P.S.S. Headquarters North Ave.

+ Downtown Charles St.

Fort Smallwood Road, Patapsco Avenue, Hanover Street, and Light Street
+ Rogers Avenue (M) + Pimlico Race Course Hayward Ave. Hayward Avenue (no stops)

+ Old Court (M)


+ Old Court (M)

+ Patapsco (L)

+ U.M.B.C.


+ BWI Airport (L)

Old Court Road, Rolling Road, Security Boulevard, Ingleside Avenue/Bloomsbury Road, and Hollins Ferry Road


Old Court Road, Rolling Road, Security Boulevard, Interstate 695, Edmondson Avenue, Bloomsbury Road, Interstate 195

+ Sinai Hospital

Belvedere Ave.

+ City Hall

Saratoga St.

Belvedere Avenue, Garrison Boulevard, North Avenue, Eutaw Street, Baltimore/Fayette Streets
"Mondawmin Metro Shuttle Bug", serving areas near Mondawmin Metro Subway Station
"Hampden Shuttle Bug", connecting Woodberry Light Rail Stop to Hampden

(M) = Connection to Metro Subway (L) = Connection to Light Rail

Express routesEdit

Route Terminals Major streets History Notes
Cromwell Bridge Road Park and Ride Johns Hopkins Hospital Loch Raven Boulevard and The Alameda Formerly Route 13X
White Marsh Downtown Interstate 95 and Interstate 395
Ellicott City Downtown U.S. Route 40
Johns Hopkins Hospital Fox Ridge or Oliver Beach Interstate 395, Interstate 95, Eastern Avenue, and Eastern Boulevard

Former routesEdit


Route Terminals Major streets History Notes
Downtown Johns Hopkins University Charles Street Introduced on July 26, 1915; merged into Route 11 on June 22, 1947
Mount Royal Avenue Introduced on July 15, 1922; merged into Route 28 on June 22, 1947; no longer part of a route
Clifton Park Golf Course Lake Montebello The Alameda and 33rd Street Introduced on March 1, 1924; discontinued on January 31, 1943
Westport Mondawmin Monroe Street, Payson Street/Pulaski Street, Edmondson Avenue, and Bentalou Street Introduced on June 1, 1923; merged into Route 51 on October 3, 1948
Howard Park Randallstown Liberty Heights Avenue and Liberty Road Introduced on July 1, 1922; renumbered Route 54 on June 27, 1948; now part of Route M-1
Chester Street Introduced on June 16, 1924; renumbered Route 33 on February 28, 1950
Downtown Highlandtown Fayette Street Introduced on April 1, 1925; renumbered Route 17 in 1949; now part of Route 23
North Point Road Introduced on April 1, 1925; renumbered Route 55 on October 18, 1952; now part of Route 4


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