(This article is about the operator in Kansas City, Missouri. For the similarly named company in New York City, see Metropolitan Street Railway/Railroad (New York City).

The Metropolitan Street Railway was the operator of horsecars, cable cars, and streetcars in Kansas City, Missouri. It was originally formed in 1886 and absorbed its rivals in 1901, becoming the only streetcar operator in Kansas City at that time. It was originally the largest operator of horsecars in Kansas City, converting many of its routes to cable car operations and becoming one of the largest cable car operators in the United States. By 1900 it had converted all its lines to electric streetcars.

By 1900 it had come under the ownership of Chicago, Illinois meat packer J. Ogden Armour, but by 1911 it fell into receivership and was reorganized as the Kansas City Railways in 1914.

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