Tokyo Subway Namboku Line (Line 7)


Namboku Line (Line 7)
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Meguro 目黒 Mita Line (6/I)
White dot Shirokanedai 白金台 Mita Line (6/I)
White dot Shirokane-Takanawa 白金高輪 Mita Line (6/I)
White dot Azabu-Jūban 麻布十番 Ōedo Line (12/E)
White dot Roppongi-Itchōme 六本木一丁目
White dot Tameike-Sannō 溜池山王

White dot Tameike-Sannō 溜池山王 Ginza Line (3/M)
connected station transfer with Tameike-Sannō Marunouchi Line (4/M)
Chiyoda Line (9/C)
White dot Nagatachō 永田町 Yūrakuchō Line (8/Y)
Hanzōmon Line (11/Z)
connected station transfer with Akasaka-Mitsuke Ginza Line (3/G)
Marunouchi Line (4/M)
White dot Yotsuya 四ツ谷 Marunouchi Line (4/M)
White dot Ichigaya 市ケ谷 Yūrakuchō Line (8/Y)
Shinjuku Line (10/S)
White dot Iidabashi 飯田橋 Tōzai Line (5/T)
Yūrakuchō Line (8/Y)
Ōedo Line (12/E)
White dot Kōrakuen 後楽園 Marunouchi Line (4/M)
connected station transfer with Kasuga Mita Line (6/I)
Ōedo Line (12/E)

White dot Tōdaimae 東大前
White dot Hon-Komagome 本駒込
White dot Komagome 駒込
White dot Nishigahara 西ケ原
White dot Ōji 王子
White dot Ōji-Kamiya 王子神谷
White dot Shimo 志茂
White dot Akabane-Iwabuchi 赤羽岩淵

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