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Subway Logo
Nanjing Metro.svg
Nanjing Metro
  • System name: Nanjing Metro
  • Native name: 南京地铁
  • Operational Lines: 5
    • Rapid transit lines: 3
    • Suburban rail lines: 2
  1. Name: Nanjing Metro Group Corp
    Native name: 南京地铁集团
    line: 1, 2, 10, S1, and S8

Operational LinesEdit

Color Line Terminals Year Opened Newest Extension Length (km) Stations
Line 1 Maigaoqiao — China Pharmaceutical University 2005 2010 39.7 27
Line 2 Youfangqiao — Jingtianlu 2010 37.8 26
Line 10 Andemen — Yushanlu 2005 2014 21.6 14
Line S1 Nanjingnan — Nanjing Lukou International Airport 2014 35.8 8
Line S8 Taishanxincun — Jinniuhu 2014 45.3 17


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