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Over sixty stations on the New York City Subway system are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The MTA has been gradually adding handicapped access to its key stations as renovations take place. According to the MTA:

In improving services to individuals with disabilities, the MTA identified stations and facilities where compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) would benefit the most people, analyzing such factors as high ridership, transfer points, and service to major areas of activity. These stations were given priority in our station-renovation program. We are continuing to expand accessibility features to more and more locations.[1]

According to the MTA, fully accessible stations have:

  • elevators or ramps
  • handrails on ramps and stairs
  • large-print and tactile-Braille signs
  • audio and visual information systems
  • accessible station booth windows
  • accessible MetroCard Vending Machines
  • accessible service entry gates
  • platform-edge warning strips
  • platform gap modifications or bridge plates to reduce or eliminate the gap between trains and platforms
  • telephones at an accessible height with volume control, and text telephones (TTYs)
  • accessible restrooms at commuter rail stations with restrooms (not all station buildings have restrooms)

List of accessible stations (current as of October 2006)Edit

The following stations are fully handicapped-accessible:





Handicapped access under constructionEdit

According to the MTA, the following stations are scheduled to be made fully accessible as part of the 2005–2009 capital program [2] (PDF) or other projects:

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