Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Orange Line


Orange Line
Station Name Chinese Name Code Transfer
White dot Sizihwan 西子灣 O1
White dot Yanchengpu 鹽埕埔 O2
White dot City Council 市議會 O4
White dot Formosa Boulevard 美麗島 O5 Red
White dot Sinyi Elementary School 信義國小 O6
White dot Cultural Center 文化中心 O7
White dot Wukuaicuo 五塊厝 O8
White dot Martial Arts Stadium 技擊館 O9
White dot Weiwuying 衛武營 O10
White dot Fongshan West 鳳山西 O11
White dot Fongshan 鳳山 O12 Connects to TRA
White dot Dadong 大東 O13
White dot Fongshan Junior High School 鳳山國中 O14
White dot Daliao 大寮 OT1

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