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The Queen Street subway is also a name used for the historic rail underpasses at roughly 1230 Queen Street West.

The Queen Street subway line was one of many subway lines planned for Toronto, Canada, but never built by the Toronto Transit Commission.


1911 proposal

It began with a streetcar subway line proposal by the Department of Railways and Bridges of the City of Toronto Engineers in 1911, but it was not until the 1940s that the line re-emerged.

Post-war plans

The 1944 TTC Rapid Transit Proposals for a Queen Street Route and a referendum on January 1, 1946 brought the Queen subway line back to life. The line called for an open-cut with right of way and built to the north of the existing Queen Streetcar line.

This plan was abandoned due to World War II and not re-visited until the 1960s. By the 1960s, the TTC had already built the Yonge subway line and was in the process of building the Bloor-Danforth line.

The existing Queen Street streetcar line remains one of the longest and most heavily-used, running double-length ALRV streetcars (one of only two lines that does so) at six-minute intervals. However, the volume of riders did not justify a subway line in the 1960s.


A rough platform, partial station is all that remains of a station and the proposed Queen subway line with access from a door from the existing Queen station.

Stations on the proposed Queen line:

  • Trinity Park
  • Bathurst
  • Spadina
  • Grange
  • York
  • City Hall
  • Yonge (Lower Queen)
  • Church
  • Sherbourne
  • Parliament
  • Don
  • Broadview
  • Logan

Proposed routes: 1960sEdit

Later changes to the line would have extended the subway to the Humber Loop in the west and Eglinton-Don Mills to the north-east end:

  • 1960 - subway from Sunnyside to Greenwood, then from Greenwood to O'Connor Drive and connect with the Bloor-Danforth subway at either Greenwood or Donlands stations
  • 1964 - an underground streetcar line from Greenwood to McCaul to replace the existing surface route.
  • 1964 a route was to have the underground section from Jarvis (Sherbourne in 1968 plan) to Spadina. The route re-surfaces between Spadina to Humber Loop and from Jarvis to either Broadview or Pape.
  • 1968 - Queen from Humber to Victoria Park
  • 1968 - Greenwood and O'Connor to Queen; Queen from Dufferin; Dufferin north to Weston rail cooridor to Islington
  • 1968 - Greenwood and O'Connor to Queen; Queen from Dufferin; Dufferin north to Weston rail cooridor to Eglinton; Eglinton to Martin Grove
  • 1968 - Greenwood and Danforth to Queen; Queen from Dufferin; Dufferin north to Weston rail cooridor and Eglinton
  • 1972 GO Urban route using railway corridors - from Eglinton and Kennedy to Don Valley; Don Valley to Union; Union to Dundas West

The Queen Route was not removed until 1975, but the Lower Queen station was renovated in the 1990s due to elevator construction in Queen.

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Plans that reviewed and proposed the Queen line:

  • Rapid Transit Subways - Department of Railways and Bridges of the City of Toronto Engineers 1911
  • Rapid Transit for Toronto - TTC 1944
  • Draft Official Plan of the Metropolitan Toronto Planning Area - Metropolitan Toronto Planning Board 1960
  • Metropolitan Toronto Transportation Plan - Metropolitan Toronto Planning Board 1964
  • Draft Official Plan for Metropolitan Toronto - Metropolitan Toronto Planning Board 1959
  • Metropolitan Toronto and Region Transportation Study - mid 1960s
  • Transit Facility in the Downtown section of Queen Street - TTC 1966
  • Report on Rapid Transit Priorities in Metropolitan Toronto - Metropolitan Toronto Planning Board 1969
  • A Concept for Integrated Rapid Transit and Commuter Rail Systems in Metropolitan Toronto - TTC 1969
  • GO-Urban concept - Province of Ontario 1972
  • Choices For The Future - Metropolitan Toronto Transportation Plan Review 1972

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