Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Red Line


Red Line
Station Name Chinese Name Code Transfer
White dot Gangshan South 南岡山 R24
White dot Ciaotou Station 橋頭火車站 R23
White dot Ciaotou Sugar Refinery 橋頭糖廠 R22A Connects to TRA
White dot Cingpu 青埔 R22
White dot Metropolitan Park 都會公園 R21
White dot Houjing 後勁 R20
White dot Nanzih Export Processing Zone 楠梓加工區 R19
White dot Oil Refinery Elementary School 油廠國小 R18
White dot World Games / National Sports Complex 世運/國家體育園區 R17
White dot Zuoying / THSR 左營/高鐵 R16 Connects to THSR, TRA
White dot Ecological District 生態園區 R15
White dot Kaohsiung Arena 巨蛋 R14
White dot Aozihdi 凹子底 R13
White dot Houyi 後驛 R12
White dot Kaohsiung Main Station 高雄車站 R11 Connects to TRA
White dot Formosa Boulevard 美麗島 R10 Orange
White dot Central Park 中央公園 R9
White dot Sanduo Shopping District 三多商圈 R8
White dot Shihjia 獅甲 R7
White dot Kaisyuan 凱旋 R6
White dot Cianjhen Senior High School 前鎮高中 R5
White dot Caoya 草衙 R4A
White dot Kaohsiung International Airport 高雄國際機場 R4
White dot Siaogang 小港 R3

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