Sanyō New Trunk Line
Type High-speed Rail
System Shinkansen
Status Operational
Locale Japan
Stations 19
Shin-Ōsaka Hakata
Opening 15 March 1972
Line length 553.7 km
Track gauge 1,435 mm
Electrification 25 kV AC, 60 Hz, overhead catenary
Operating speed 300 km/h

A Shinkansen line between Shin-Ōsaka Station and Hakata Station.

Rolling stock in-usedEdit


Sanyō New Trunk Line
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Shin-Ōsaka 新大阪 Link to Tōkaidō New Trunk Line
White dot Shin-Kōbe 新神戸
White dot Nishi-Akashi 西明石
White dot Himeji 姫路
White dot Aioi 相生
White dot Okayama 岡山
White dot Shin-Kurashiki 新倉敷
White dot Fukuyama 福山
White dot Shin-Onomichi 新尾道
White dot Mihara 三原
White dot Higashi-Hiroshima 東広島
White dot Hiroshima 広島
White dot Shin-Iwakuni 新岩国
White dot Tokuyama 徳山
White dot Shin-Yamaguchi 新山口
White dot Asa 厚狭
White dot Shin-Shimonoseki 新下関
White dot Kokura 小倉
White dot Hakata 博多 Link to Kyūshū New Trunk Line

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