Shinkansen Logo
  • System name: Shinkansen
  • Native name: 新幹線
  • Operational Lines: 8
  1. Name: East Japan Railway Com
    Native name: 東日本旅客鉄道
    lines: Tōhoku, Jōetsu, Nagano/Hokuriku (eastern), Yamagata, and Akita
  2. Name: Central Japan Railway Com
    Native name: 東海旅客鉄道
    line: Tōkaidō
  3. Name: West Japan Railway Com
    Native name: 西日本旅客鉄道
    line: Sanyō and Hokuriku (western)
  4. Name: Kyūshū Railway Com
    Native name: 九州旅客鉄道
    line: Kyūshū

Operational LinesEdit

Shinkansen (New Trunk Line)Edit

Color Line Terminals Year Opened Newest Extension Length (km) Stations
Tōhoku New Trunk Line TōkyōShin-Aomori 1982 2010 674.9 23
Jōetsu New Trunk Line ŌmiyaNiigata 1982 269.5 10
Nagano New Trunk Line TakasakiNagano 1997 117.4 6
Tōkaidō New Trunk Line TōkyōShin-Ōsaka 1964 515.4 17
Sanyō New Trunk Line Shin-ŌsakaHakata 1972 1975 553.7 19
Kyūshū New Trunk Line HakataKagoshima-Chūō 2004 2011 256.8 12

Mini-shinkansen (upgraded conventional lines)Edit

Color Line Terminals Year Opened Newest Extension Length (km) Stations
Yamagata Mini New Trunk Line FukushimaShinjō 1992 1999 148.6 11
Akita Mini New Trunk Line MoriokaAkita 1997 127.3 6
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Currently operating High-speed Rail systems in Eastern Asia
China Gaotie (CRH) Japan Shinkansen (JR)
South Korea Gosokseon (KTX/SR) Taiwan Gaotie (THSR)

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