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Snowdon is a station on the Montreal Metro in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is located in the Côte-des-Neiges area of the borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce. It is a transfer station between the Orange Line and Blue Line, and is the western terminus of the Blue Line.

It was inaugurated on September 7, 1982 with service on the orange line only, though the blue line platforms were built at the same time. At the time it was the western terminus of the Orange Line, taking over from Place-Saint-Henri; it is thus the only station to have been the terminus of two different lines. Service on the Blue Line began on January 4, 1988.

The station was constructed as a cross-platform interchange, with three lateral tunnels containing two stories each, joined by four cross-tunnels; both lines therefore have stacked platforms. This layout was intended to allow rapid transfer between a future extension into Notre-Dame-de-Grâce and service to downtown; unfortunately, this service never opened, and the station's layout means that most people who transfer between the blue and orange lines must go up or down stairs. The station's central access tunnel is connected at its western end to the station's single entrance, which is integrated into an STM control centre and contains a small sunken garden.

The station was designed by Jean-Louis Beaulieu, who also provided sculptural grilles for the station's main staircase and the rear of the control building. The station's main artwork, a group of four murals by Claude Guité running the full length of the platform and entitled Les quatre saisons (the four seasons), has been badly damaged by graffiti and has been removed for restoration.

Origin of the nameEdit

This station is named for the Snowdon neighbourhood. This area took its name from Snowdon Street, which in turn took its name from the owner of the farm on which it was built.

Connecting bus routesEdit

Regular routesEdit

Route Name Route Map Schedule
17 Décarie within walking distance on boul. Décarie (Décarie Autoroute) (to various metro stations between Côte-Vertu Metro Station and Place Saint Henri Metro Station) Map Schedule
51 Édouard Montpetit (Westbound to Montréal-Ouest train station, eastbound to to various metro stations between Snowdon Metro Station and Laurier Metro Station) Map Schedule
166 Queen Mary Map Schedule

Night routesEdit

Route Name Route Map Schedule
371 Décarie within walking distance on boul. Décarie Map Schedule

Address of entrancesEdit

  • 5111, Queen Mary Road, at Westbury Avenue

Nearby points of interestEdit

External linksEdit

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