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State (often State Street) is a subway station of the MBTA located in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. State is the transfer point between the Orange Line and the Blue Line.

Above ground, the station's exits are located between Government Center and the Financial District. This section of the subway was built on two levels to accommodate narrow Washington Street, and formerly each entrance to the station was given a separate name, State and Milk.

State Street Station is partially wheelchair accessible as of 2005. Currently, the outbound Blue Line platform at State Street is wheelchair accessible to the street. Inbound wheelchair users can take the Blue Line to Government Center and cross the platform there to an outbound Blue Line train and take it to the accessible State Street platform. The MBTA has plans to make the remaining Blue Line stations accessible as part of a larger effort to permit 6 car trains on the line. See MBTA accessibility.

From 1997 to 2000, State was renamed State/Citizens Bank in a corporate sponsorship from Citizens Bank, who had recently moved to the area, and hoped to eventually have the name changed to simply Citizens Bank Plaza. The sponsorship failed and the name reverted to State. During the renovation of Aquarium, during which that station was closed State was renamed temporarily State/Aquarium until Aquarium reopened.

The most amazing element of State Street station is the entrance built directly into one of Boston's best-known monuments, the Old Massachusetts State House. The Old State House entrance to State Street station is in fact the basement of the Old State House, a fact which often confuses first-time tourists and visitors.


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