Tiyu Xilu



Station LayoutEdit



A Tiyu Xilu, Guangli Lu, Guangdong Hongdun Building, Dongzhou Building
B Tianhenan 1 Lu, Tiyu Xilu
C Teemall (South Gate), Tianhenan 1 Lu, Tianhe Lu, Tiyu Xilu, Yuehai Teemall Plaza
D Teemall (West Gate), Tiyu Xilu, Tianhe Sports Center
E Tianhe Festival Walk, Tianhe Lu, Tiyu Xilu, Zhitongche, Victoria PLaza, Guangzhou Bookstore Center, Grandbuy Zhongyi Shop, Tianhe Sports Center, Fashion Tianhe Underground Commercial Street
G Tiyu Xilu, Huangpu Dadaoxi
H Tianhenan 1 Lu, Tiyu Xilu

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