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U St/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo is a Washington Metro station in Washington, DC on the Green Line. It is also served by the Yellow Line during off-peak times.

The station is located in northwest Washington and serves the popular U Street neighborhood; nearby attractions include the Lincoln Theatre, the historic restaurant Ben's Chili Bowl, and several popular nightclubs, including The Black Cat and the 9:30 Club. The station is also a short walk due east of the neighborhood of Adams Morgan.

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The station is single-platform with entrances at opposite ends, both on U Street at 10th and 13th Streets. "Cardozo" was added to the name just before opening, and refers to the nearby Cardozo High School. "African-American Civil War Memorial" was added in 1999 when the African American Civil War Memorial was completed at U Street and Vermont Ave NW. Service at the station began on May 11, 1991. With this designation, this station has the longest name in the Metro system at 44 characters; the shortest station name is Takoma at only six.

Trains originally serviced this station as Yellow Line trains until Green Line service was formally introduced later that year. [1] Yellow Line service resumed in late 2006 as part of an 18-month experiment to extend that line to Fort Totten station during non-rush hours and weekends.

On June 10, 2001, Metro Transit Police Officer Marlon C. Morales was killed in the line of duty at this station, while intervening in a fare dispute. The fare is $1.95 but he only wanted to pay the discount fare of $1.60 because he was counting his savings to buy a postage stamp. A plaque exists outside the 13th Street entrance in his honor. [2]


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