The United Kingdom or Britain currently has 7 urban rapid transit metro-like systems.

Metro systemsEdit

System Line(s) Principal city
London Underground London Underground 11 London
London Docklands Light Railway Docklands Light Railway 7[N 1] London
Glasgow Subway Glasgow Subway 1 Glasgow
Merseyrail Merseyrail 2[N 2] Liverpool
Tyne and Wear Metro Tyne and Wear Metro 2[N 3] Newcastle upon Tyne
London Overground London Overground 8[N 4] London
London Crossrail Crossrail 1[N 5] London
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Currently operating metro systems in United Kingdom
London/DLR/Overground/Crossrail · Liverpool · Glasgow · Newcastle upon Tyne
  1. In terms of Routes/Services not lines.
  2. A hybrid heavy-light rail system.
  3. A hybrid heavy-light rail system.
  4. A hybrid heavy-light rail system.
  5. A hybrid heavy-light rail system.

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