The United States or America currently has 15 urban transit systems with heavy-rail with 1 system currently under construction.

Heavy-rail and light-rail systemsEdit

System Heavy-rail Light-rail Principal city Operator
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York) New York City Subway 25[N 1] 0 New York NYCTA (MTA)
Chicago Transit Authority Chicago 'L' 8 0 Chicago CTA
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Washington Metro 6 0 Washington WMATA
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority MBTA Subway 4 5 Boston MBTA
Bay Area Rapid Transit BART 6 0 San Francisco BART District
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority SEPTA Rapid Transit 3 3 Philadelphia SEPTA
Port Authority Trans-Hudson PATH 4 0 New York PANYNJ
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority MARTA Rapid Transit 4 0 Atlanta MARTA
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority Los Angeles Metro 2 4 Los Angeles Metro
Miami-Dade Transit Metro Miami Metrorail 2 0 Miami MDT
Metro Subway Baltimore Metro Subway 1 3 Baltimore MTA Maryland
Tren Urbano Tren Urbano 1 0 San Juan ATI
Port Authority Transit Corporation PATCO Speedline 1 0 Philadelphia PATCO (DRPA)
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York) Staten Island Railway 1 0 New York SIRTOA (MTA)
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority RTA Rapid Transit 1 3 Cleveland RTA
Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation Honolulu Rail Transit 1

[N 2]

0 Honolulu HART

Light-rail or Tram only systemsEdit

  • Phoenix Valley Metro Rail
  • Tucson Sun Link
  • Little Rock Metro Streetcar
  • San Francisco Muni
  • Oceanside Sprinter
  • Sacramento RT
  • San Diego Trolley
  • Santa Clara VTA
  • Denver RTD Light Rail
  • DC Streetcar
  • Tampa TECO Line Streetcar System
  • Atlanta Streetcar
  • New Orleans Streetcars
  • Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro
  • KC Streetcar
  • St. Louis MetroLink
  • Hudson–Bergen Light Rail
  • Newark Light Rail
  • Camden–Trenton River Line
  • Buffalo Metro Rail
  • CharlotteLynx Blue Line, CityLynx Gold Line)
  • Cincinnati Bell Connector
  • Portland MAX Light Rail
  • Portland Streetcar
  • Pittsburgh Light Rail
  • Dallas DART Light Rail
  • Dallas Streetcar
  • Dallas M-Line
  • Houston METRORail
  • Salt Lake City light rail lines (TRAX, S Line)
  • Norfolk Tide
  • Seattle light rail lines (Central Link Seattle Streetcar)
  • Tacoma Link
  • Kenosha Transit
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Currently operating heavy rail rapid transit systems in the United States
Atlanta · Baltimore · Boston · Chicago · Cleveland · Honolulu · Los Angeles · Miami · New York City/Staten Island/PATH · Philadelphia/PATCO · San Francisco · San Juan · Washington
  1. In terms of Routes/Services not lines.
  2. currently under construction

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