Hurricane Sandy

Due to power outages and flooding in water tube/pipelines, much of the subway is not operating at the moment.

Hurricane Sandy has striked not long ago, and New York and the East Coast is mostly damaged. On Staten Island, we'd like to say that the damage was heavy. Trees once toppled over in another area, but here, houses were covered with unclean water and moderate floods occurred.

Here are the service changes:

1 and 2 lines operate from their respective northern regular terminals until Penn Station–34th St.

The 3 line is suspended.

The 4 stops at 138 St Grand Concourse instead of travelling the western route.

The 5 does not travel along the 2 in the Bronx.

The 6 line does not have express service.

No 7 express but regular service operates.

A service operates only betweeen 168 St and 34 St–Penn Station and Jay St–MetroTech only to Lefferts Blvd and not JFK.

C service is suspended.

E service is suspended.

B service is suspended.

D service runs between Norwood–205th St and 34 St–Herald Sq.

F service runs between 34 St–Herald Sq and Jamaica–179th St AND Jay St and Av X.

M service runs between Myrtle Ave and Metropolitan Ave and 34 St and Jamaica Center–Parsons/Archer.

G service is suspended.

J service runs between Jamaica Center and Hewes Street.

Z service is suspended.

L service runs between Broadway Junction and Rockaway Pkwy.

N service runs between Ditmars Blvd and 34 St.

Northbound N trains bypass 49 St.

Q service is suspended.

R service runs between Jay St and 95 St.

S service on Franklin St and Rockaway Park service is suspended. 42 St shuttle buses still operate between Grand Central and Times Sq. Not all restrictions are posted here. Visit for more changes due to HURRICANE SANDY-RELATED INCIDENTS.

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