The Long Island Rail Road has 10 Branch Lines. We will deal with each of them, 1 @ a Time. Today, I will address the West Hempstead Branch. The West Hempstead Branch includes  the following Stations: St. Albans, Valley Stream, Westwood, Malverne, Lakeview, Hempstead Gardens & West Hempstead. The Majority of the Trains that stop @ St. Albans are the Babylon Branch Trains. The West Hempstead Branch is a 1 Track Electric Trains Branch Line. It is ONLY during the Morning & Evening Rush that You have Direct Train Service Between Jamaica or Barclays Center in Kings County (Brooklyn) & West Hempstead.

There are 2 things I would LIKE to See BUT in order for this to become a reality, There Needs to be an Increase in Ridership. Before We impliment My 2 Ideas, The First thing is to Meet with the People along the Branch Line & see what the People say that would convince them to use Long Island Rail Road West Hempstead Branch.

As Long as the Ridership goes up, Here are the 2 Things I would like to see happen. The First thing I would like to see is the West Hempstead Branch becomes 2 Tracks between Valley Stream & West Hempstead. The other thing I would like to see is 24/7 Direct Service between Barclays Center in Kings County (Brooklyn) & West Hempstead. In Addition, I would like to see the West Hempstead Train provide 24/7 Service to St. Albans in Both Directions.

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