I have 3 Proposals for the S40 & S90 Routes.

1. In the Morning, The S90 would be LOCAL & the S40 would be LIMITED TO St. George Ferry. In the Afternoon the S90 would be LOCAL & the S40 would Be LIMITED From St. George Ferry. During ALL OTHER TIMES, the S40 would be LOCAL & the S90 would NOT be in Service.

2. The ONLY Way this Next Proposal would work is if the Ridership Warrants it. The Proposal is the Increase S40 LIMITED Service.

The Idea is that the S40 LIMITED TO St. George Ferry would Operate: 

6AM-12PM on Saturdays

8AM-12PM on Sundays &

4AM-12PM on Weekdays.

The S40 LIMITED FROM St. George Ferry in the Afternoon would Operate:

4PM-10PM on Saturdays

6PM-10PM on Sundays &

2PM-10PM on Weekdays.

3. The Final Proposal is to Extend the S40/S90 from its Current Terminal near the Goethals Bridge & would Go Over the Goethals Bridge to the New Terminal in Elizabeth New Jersey.

After going over the Goethals Bridge the Route would Continue along Highway 278.

After Crossing the New Jersey Turnpike, The Route would Follow NJ Transit Bus Route 115 along Bayway to Rahway Avenue.

While the NJ Transit Bus Route 115 turns Left, The S40/S90 would Turn Right & Follow NJ Transit Bus Route 48 to its Terminal in Elizabeth New Jersey.

Going TO St. George Ferry, the S40/S90 would Pick Up ONLY & Going to Elizabeth the S40/S90 would Drop Off ONLY while in New Jersey.

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