Beijing Subway Yizhuang Line


Yizhuang Line
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Songjiazhuang 宋家庄 5 10
White dot Xiaocun 肖村
White dot Xiaohongmen 小红门
White dot Jiugong 旧宫
White dot Yizhuangqiao 亦庄桥
White dot Yizhuang Culture Park 亦庄文化园
White dot Wanyuanjie 万源街
White dot Rongjingdongjie 荣京东街
White dot Rongchangdongjie 荣昌东街
White dot Tongjinanlu 同济南路
White dot Jinghailu 经海路
White dot Ciqu South 次渠南
White dot Ciqu 次渠
Yizhuang 亦庄

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