Zhujiang New Town Automatic Peoples Mover, abbreviated as APM Line, is the only operating light rail system in Guangzhou Metro. Stations Huangpu Dadao, Women's and Children's Medical Center, Huacheng Dadao, and Guangzhou Opera House is all located in the Huacheng Square, a huge park in the middle of the CBD area. Haixinsha Station is located on the Haixinsha Island, which is where the opening and closing ceremony of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games.


APM Line
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Linhexi 林和西 3
White dot Tianhe Sports Center South 体育中心南
White dot Tianhenan 天河南
White dot Huangpu Dadao 黄埔大道
White dot Guangzhou Women and Children's Center 妇儿中心
White dot Huacheng Dadao 花城大道
White dot Guangzhou Opera House 大剧院
White dot Haixinsha 海心沙
White dot Canton Tower 广州塔 3 THZ1

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